What are the types of children's insurance?

At present, there are three main types of children's insurance on the face - accidental injury medical insurance, major illness insurance and education insurance. When parents choose children's insurance, they should pay attention to the focus of the three to insure. Child Health Insurance: It can prevent the risk of medical expenses caused by children in the process of growing up; prevent medical services for children who have no money to treat because of major diseases. Child Accident Insurance: Children have a strong curiosity about new things, but at the same time they lack the danger of self-protection awareness, so it is very prone to accidents. This insurance protects children from the risks of accidents during their growth. Child Education Insurance: Every parent generally pays more attention to the child's education. The education process is continuous. The economy and energy to be paid are incalculable. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare as soon as possible. This requires parents. The child develops a long-term education plan with the meaning of forced savings, which is mainly to prepare more funds for the child's future education expenses. At present, the types of children's insurance that can be purchased on the field mainly include: Children's Major Disease Insurance, Children's Accident and Health Insurance Plan and Children's Education Fund Reserve Insurance. Middle-class families will find that when they purchase children's insurance, most insurance salesmen will bundle and recommend the above three products for sale together, commonly known as the “Golden Triangle of Children's Insurance”. The characteristics of this set of children's insurance are mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1. The special funds for education funds can be used to transfer diseases, accidents and the risk of parents being unable to continue raising their children with major disabilities. Second, you can flexibly arrange the years of protection: there are multiple choices of 25, 30, 55/60 and life. Third, flexible choice of payment methods: 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, to 17 weeks, and so on. 4. High school and university return scheduled tuition and living expenses.