Which insurance company's children's vaccine insurance is be

Which insurance company's children's vaccine insurance is better? The problem vaccine makes a lot of families deeply worried, and the risk of the vaccine is also of great concern. In fact, many insurance companies have introduced child vaccination insurance before the outbreak of the fake vaccine to cope with the risk of disease after vaccination. Today, Xiaobian introduced the insurance for three insurance companies to children. 1. “Needle Children's Vaccine Insurance” The “Needle Children's Vaccine Insurance”, which is sold on a third-party platform, includes vaccination accidental disability and abnormal reaction and accidental medical insurance, up to 250,000, 0-18 weeks People can be insured. During the insurance period, the insured person has a vaccination abnormal reaction or coupling syndrome, general reaction and treatment in a public hospital of Grade II or above determined by the health department of the Republic of China or in a vaccinated medical institution. The insurer assumes the insurance liability. The following are specific protection contents: 2. “Children's Comprehensive Insurance” Comprehensive insurance for children, including personal accidents, accidental medical treatment, illness, illness and illness, hospitalization of 15 kinds of children's common major illness insurance, although not specifically for children's vaccination insurance, but The coverage covers vaccine accident protection. Suitable for children from 30 days to 18 weeks. 3, Life "Babei" child vaccine insurance In 2013, Life Insurance launched the first child vaccination insurance "Babe", the annual premium of 300 can enjoy the accidental illness death insurance 30,000, the major disease 100,000, prepaid immunity 5 Ten thousand guarantees. The pre-immunity guarantee is set up specifically for the risk of vaccination. After the insured has received the vaccine within the scope of the vaccination of the agreed children's plan, the infectious disease or adverse reaction within the scope of the vaccination is covered by the life insurance contract. Fees, 100 deductibles, can be 100% paid. 4. Taibao “Child Vaccination Insurance” The “Child Vaccination Insurance” introduced by insurance companies is designed to prevent accidents caused by infants and adolescents during vaccination, or to prevent the disease from being vaccinated during the effective period of the vaccine. This is the direct cause of illness, medical expenses, etc. caused during the insurance period. Tips: Although many insurance companies have introduced vaccine insurance, the scope of protection and the amount of protection are different. Before choosing, you must first understand the insurance clause and then apply for insurance. Friends who don't know much can come to the insurance network, contact online customer service, and provide professional advice. Here, Xiaobian simply tells you a few purchases: 1. Know the scope of the claims in the children's vaccine insurance clause before buying, especially its liability for compensation. Because some insurance companies will stipulate that if your child is vaccinated with an unqualified vaccine or a vaccine that is not approved by the State Drug Administration, the insurance company is irresponsible. 2. Recognize the responsibility of children's vaccine insurance before buying. Some products contain insurance coverage corresponding to the amount of insurance is not high, if you want to make your child's protection more comprehensive, you can add other children's accident insurance or children's health insurance as appropriate.