Expert opinion: Insured accident insurance for children

Customer Information: Child, 1, Minor, monthly average 0, insurance type: [significant illness insurance, child insurance, accident insurance, commercial medical insurance], customer information: Du Xiaoyou, 1, family economic situation, parents care for children Health. First, the protection content: the current living environment is relatively poor, and the children's resistance is relatively low, parents hope that their children can grow healthy and healthy, and the family's economic strength is general, once the child is seriously ill, it will bring huge to the family. economic pressure. Therefore, it is recommended to provide the child with a full amount of major illness protection, as a parent, to protect the child to around 20 feet. When the child grows up, the child can consider it for himself. In addition, a certain medical insurance for inpatient medical care and accidental injury is added, so that the child's medical insurance before adulthood is sufficient, and parents do not have to worry about the health of the child. Second, the product portfolio: major illness insurance: 200,000 --- this amount can cover most of the major diseases, hospitalization medical expenses reimbursement --- 2000 / year, as a supplement to social security, and social security share the child's hospitalization costs . Daily hospitalization medical subsidy - -30 / day, as a family subsidy for children, accidental injury medical expenses reimbursement - 2000 / times, unlimited number of guarantees within one year, no longer worry about children caused by naughty Accidental injury. Third, analysis: the full amount of major disease protection, no longer have to worry about the inability to treat children because of family economic conditions. Satisfy the basic medical security, as a supplement to social security, this program solves the child's concerns about general medical care. Even if you are hospitalized, you can get a certain medical subsidy so that your family does not have to worry about taking care of your child and taking time off. For some careless accidental medical treatment, 100% of the total reimbursement, and unlimited number of times within a year. The premium is quite low and the protection is sufficient. It is the best health guarantee for your child's minor time. Sharing experience: This insurance product portfolio basically eliminates parents' concerns about their children's health, so that customers can enjoy full protection through low-cost premiums under normal economic conditions, so that parents no longer need to pay for their children's medical expenses. Worried, it also gives children a healthy and growing environment.