Parents give their children insurance.

Ensure the near-term and long-term spending of your child's education. Appropriately supplement insurance, there are many insurance products and companies on the field. How to choose the products and companies that suit you? There are certain cash deposits for emergency use. Guarantee the basic expenses of the family's life and a family's foreign travel consumption. I hope that I can buy a car within one year to facilitate Ms. Wang to go to work. (This plan is not urgent) Family situation analysis, Ms. Wang's family annual expenditure, two houses repayment amount: 144000, total property expenses: 10000, aircraft, train costs 5000, daily living expenses: 24000, water, electricity, gas, communication Fee: 8000, total annual expenditure 191000 Ms. Wang has quit her job for a period of time because she wants to bring a child. The family has been transformed into a single family. The important support for family expenditure is borne by Mr. Although Mr.'s working conditions are superior, reaching 250,000 a year, due to the large proportion of investment properties, the monthly payment has greatly increased the monthly expenditure and become the main share of household expenses. According to the current financial situation, the average annual household balance ratio is 24%, which is lower than the standard value of 30%, which reduces the savings rate. In terms of investment, Ms. Wang’s family is more cautious. Both real estate and wealth management products tend to preserve the assets, but this greatly reduces the liquidity of family assets. In addition, from the monthly loan amount of real estate loans, Ms. Wang’s household debts have a large proportion, and the monthly supply and ratio are more than 50%, which makes the other expenses of the family more restricted. In terms of protection, the proportion of insurance for Ms. Wang’s family cannot meet the guarantee of a family of four. Financial advice: The family reserve is set at three times the monthly expenditure. From the current family member structure, as the two babies grow older, spending on clothing, food, housing, transportation and education will continue to grow. In terms of financial situation, families will experience insufficient cash flow. First of all, it is recommended that Ms. Wang return to work as soon as possible and use her work to increase the balance ratio. During this period, it is recommended that the family handle a credit card and use the leverage effect of the credit card to gradually accumulate cash reserves so that the family can guarantee liquidity security. When the credit card is processed, the credit limit is adjusted to 10000, which can be handled in the debit card held, so that it is convenient to set the full automatic transfer repayment. It should be noted that credit cards should not be used when they are used, and they should not be overdrawn. With Ms. Wang’s family and expenditure status, the family reserve can be set at 48,000 (equivalent to three times the monthly expenditure). The main use of this part of the funds is the family's expenditures, as well as the supply of sudden household funding needs. It should be noted that this account debit card is tied to the credit card, and the difference in the account is replenished after the monthly salary settlement date. Young couples choose medical and security insurance. Although Mr. Wang’s husband has basic social security, it is not enough to meet the financial security of the whole family. It is recommended that Ms. Wang and her couple purchase health insurance to protect against the risk of disease, and the “double ten” principle can be adopted. 10% of the family pays the premium, which is 10 times the amount of the insurance). After Ms. Wang took office, if she is 7000, the family year will increase to 334,000, and the annual premium will be set based on this amount. Since Ms. Wang's husband is the main provider of family sources, it is recommended that the proportion of family insurance expenses be focused on Mr., and the other two babies will reach the age of kindergarten and enter the best age for insurance. It is recommended that the proportion of family insurance be matched according to Mr. 65%, Ms. Wang 30%, and 5% of the two babies. In terms of insurance products, Ms. Wang and her wife are mainly based on medical and security insurance. Because they are younger, they can temporarily ignore savings and income insurance. In terms of configuration, they can choose major illness insurance, card accident insurance and hospitalization. Risk-based. Two babies can choose to buy a child with a big illness. Redemption of Australian wealth management product savings education, Ms. Wang has two babies at home, the corresponding education fund demand will be much larger than other families, given that the family does not have enough liquidity as the starting capital for the child education fund reserve, it is recommended Australian wealth management products expired and redemption of some funds. At present, the yields of half-year and one-year Australian wealth management products are basically around 3%. If you choose non-fixed-product products, the yield can reach up to 7%. In this case, 200,000 redemptions will be redeemed, and the minimum income of 6,000 will be up to 14,000. The redemption of this part of the funds can be used to prepare for the children's education planning. Now the age of the child should be around 3, if 100,000 is used as the start-up capital, the monthly investment is 2000, and the compound annual rate of return is 6%, then the expiration after 15 years can accumulate more than 740,000. At present, the most common children's education fund investment methods mainly include education savings, education insurance, fund fixed investment, national debt, etc. It is recommended to use fund fixed investment, configure hybrid funds and index funds; at the same time purchase education insurance products, regular deposits, special funds. “Gemini” family mainly invests in fixed-income products. After the accumulation of education funds, Ms. Wang still has more than 100,000 redemption of Australian dollar wealth management products. Since Ms. Wang has two babies, this determines that the direction of family investment should be light. A conservative change, it is not recommended to invest in products with higher risk. Assets tend to maintain value and stabilize earnings. It is recommended to invest 60% of this part of the funds in fixed-income financial products, such as the wealth management products of the previously selected commodity currency. The other 40% of the funds can choose some partial stocks. The fund makes a purchase. Through the above financial planning, Ms. Wang should have a general direction for her family financial management. Ms. Wang has mentioned the willingness to buy a car in the financial management target, but the car is not a value-added of consumables, and will fall at a depreciation rate of 5% every year. In addition, Mr. Wang has a car to go to work, so it is recommended that Ms. Wang choose the car. Whenever possible, choose a home car of less than 100,000.