Short-term travel accident insurance How do children buy?

Wu Yu is busy at work all the time, and rarely spends time with his son to go out to play. This year, my son’s elementary school is going to graduate. Wu Yu plans to take a week to take him for a turn after the son’s exam is over. For this reason, he has intentionally moved the annual leave to the summer. When she was happy that the whole family could travel together, Wu Yu saw the news of “the collapse of the space vaping amusement facility in the OCT scenic spot”, which undoubtedly shocked her and made her realize the risk of traveling. When I think of my son just 12, I usually have a good personality, a weak sense of prevention, and a poor self-protection ability. Although Wu Yu usually protects him, there are many uncertain factors in going out to travel, and risks such as accidental injuries may also happen unexpectedly. Therefore, this trip Wu Yu decided to buy a short-term travel accident insurance for the child. I heard that short-term travel accident insurance costs are not much, but Wu Yu, who has always been careful, believes that insurance is of great importance and is not intended to be sloppy because of the low cost. Travel accident insurance, travel agency liability insurance, 0 protection is indispensable, before traveling with the group travel, Wu Yu noticed that the travel expenses basically included insurance costs, but this time when I went to insure short-term travel accident insurance, Wu Yu found that the previous part was Travel agency travel liability insurance does not guarantee your entire journey. Travel agency liability insurance belongs to the scope of liability insurance. It mainly compensates for the loss and injury of tourists caused by the responsibility of the travel agency. During the trip, if the accident occurs due to the negligence or mistake of the travel agency, the tourists can claim from the travel agency and the insurance of the travel agency liability insurance. The company is responsible for compensation for losses. However, some of the losses that tourists often experience during travel trips are not covered by travel agency liability insurance. For example, various losses or damages caused by own diseases, personal injury and property losses caused by personal negligence of tourists, and various expenses caused by them are not covered by the travel agency liability insurance; otherwise, force majeure, such as earthquakes The personal and property losses caused by natural disasters such as the tsunami are not within the scope of their responsibility. The travel accident insurance purchased by tourists themselves is personal accident insurance. As long as they meet the insurance accidents stipulated in the insurance contract, whether due to the responsibility of the travel agency, personal negligence, or other types of emergencies, the insured can obtain protection. Visitors can choose to purchase travel accident insurance suitable for domestic or overseas travel according to the travel situation. Of course, many travel agencies also include short-term accident insurance in the cost design. The premium amount is around 10, which is paid by tourists. After understanding this point, Wu Yu is more aware of the lack of previous travel risk protection. Also decide that before each trip, if the group must confirm whether the travel agency has helped to buy short-term accident insurance, you must purchase a short-term accident insurance without or without the group. For short-term travel accident insurance for children, it is not the more insured. The Insurance Law stipulates that underage children are basically not capable of working and have no wages. Therefore, when determining the death insurance amount of a minor, it is based on one person for 10 years. The basic standard of living is determined. In order to prevent moral hazard, insurance companies often have a maximum limit on the number of accident insurance for children. The accidental death insurance generally does not exceed 50,000. However, for several cities, the amount of insurance can be increased to 100,000. The medical insurance generally does not exceed 10%-20% of the death insurance. Although if parents choose accident insurance for their children, they can claim compensation from multiple insurance companies that have been insured if they purchase accident insurance from multiple insurance companies. However, there are strict restrictions on medical expenses for death and accidental injuries for minors. . If you are killed or disabled due to an accident, you can claim insurance from the insurance company. The sum of the insurance companies will not exceed 10,000 or 100,000 for the death or disability insurance. At the same time, medical expenses are the principle of cost compensation and cannot benefit. If the medical expenses incurred due to accidents can be claimed by a number of insurance companies within the limits of medical expenses, the cumulative compensation amount cannot be greater than the actual medical expenses. After mastering this information, Wu Yu feels that although children's short-term accident insurance costs are not much, but there is no need to waste money on unnecessary projects, so that it can be both affordable and guaranteed without discount. High-risk stimulating projects are not. After carefully reading the insurance clauses, Wu Yu found that many of the projects that are not accidentally dangerous are the activities that people usually choose. For example, in general travel accident insurance policies, most of the thrilling sports such as rock climbing, rafting, diving, skiing, bungee jumping and surfing are excluded. At the same time, after careful comparison, Wu Yu also found insurance products that can be used for these stimulating sports. For example, (56.99, 0.06, 0.11%) of the travel accident insurance, you can choose the additional protection of high-risk sports, but you must add a certain fee based on the standard premium, and the additional cost is higher than the standard premium. This insurance product premium is based on a 7-day accident insurance for minors. If you do not attach high-risk insurance premiums, only the basic guarantee (accidental death, disability insurance amount 100,000, accidental injury medical insurance amount 50,000) The member discount price only needs 20, but if the high-risk protection (accidental death, disability insurance amount 100,000, accidental injury medical insurance amount 50,000) is attached, the member discount price needs 100. "These high-risk stimulating projects have a higher probability of injury, so it is understandable to pay more for these premiums." Wu Yu said.