Several tips to easily choose accident insurance

Accident insurance, that is, accidental injury insurance, for insured persons who are killed or disabled due to accidental injuries, insurance companies need to pay insurance premiums according to the contract. Accident insurance is an insurance product that is more common and simple in life. Its biggest feature is low price, high insurance, and simple purchase procedures. In addition to the most basic insurance companies to buy accidents, consumers can now buy through the Internet, telephone and other means. Here are five ways to purchase accident insurance: Method 1: Go to a professional insurance company to buy: After the consumer goes to the insurance company's sales counter, you need to fill out a policy. After the insurance company receives the premium, it will issue an insurance certificate, and the consumer will buy it. The accident insurance will take effect. 2. Purchase by insurance agent: Consumers who choose such a purchase method only need to fill out the insurance policy, and the insurance company will issue the insurance certificate after receiving the premium, and the insurance will take effect. Need to be reminded that consumers who choose this way of consumption are better to find insurance buyers with deeper qualifications to buy. 3. Purchase through an agency: Generally, the insurance company will install the system-side device at the agency, and the blank insurance certificate will be handed over to the agency for management. Consumers can submit premiums to the agency, and then the agency prints the insurance certificate to the consumer through the insurance company system, and the insurance is effective. 4. Buy through the website: Online sales are very suitable for simple insurance like accident insurance. As long as the consumer fills in the insurance information online and pays, the insurance company can issue an electronic insurance certificate and send it to the customer via E-mail or SMS. This will take effect. 5. Buying by phone: How to buy accident insurance on the phone? Consumers need to provide insurance information. After the insurance company issues the insurance certificate, it will mail it to the consumer, and then ask the consumer to pay the fee to ensure the policy is effective.