Listening to experts analysis of life insurance for children

Life is the largest insurance, and its products are very rich. Investing in children, parents are not afraid, so nowadays children's insurance has almost spread to many families. Below, let us analyze the analysis of life insurance for children. The life insurance experts will give you an introduction on how to choose child insurance. There are two types of child insurance, one is education fund, the other is health, and half of the education fund is completed before the child 25-30. The advantage is obvious, the child has money for school, the disadvantage It is not a disease. Here, we mainly introduce the choice of insurance for life insurance, accidental comprehensive insurance, lifelong or regular health insurance. If your child is too young, some insurance products you want to buy for your child may be subject to some policy restrictions. Therefore, you can first buy a little health insurance for your child. If possible, you can add another hospitalization insurance or Hospitalization insurance. In addition, you can also consider buying a child's hospitalization mutual aid (about 40-50 / part / year) in the social security bureau or street office where the household registration is located, so that the child's medical insurance will be improved. When the child is a little older, buy him some insurance that suits his needs. Child accidental injury insurance is an economic loss for children under 18 who suffer from high medical expenses incurred in the event of an accident, as well as personal protection for accidental disability and death. Therefore, parents can purchase accident insurance for their children at their discretion, and they can get certain financial compensation once the child has an accident. This type of insurance is generally a consumer type of insurance, requiring only a few hundred a year. The insurance premium is cheap, high security and no return. Because it only protects against accidental injury, purchasing this type of insurance does not mean that you don't have to worry about your child's safety. It can only get some financial help and compensation after the child has an accident. Adults are the best insurance for children. Don't neglect the protection of adults. In particular, the economic pillars of the family can be bought first, such as heavy illness insurance, accident insurance, regular life insurance, low insurance premiums, and these are simpler than buying. It is more meaningful to attach a negligible premium waiver to the education fund.