Child insurance, how much do you know?

According to insurance experts, the current children's insurance can be divided into three categories: children's accident insurance, children's health insurance and children's education savings insurance. The choice of these three products can be selected according to the risks faced by children. The common feature of these products is that they provide a guarantee for their children during their growth phase and begin to provide them with health and education savings. Children's safety, health and education are the top concerns of parents. Parents should first improve the children's medical insurance for their children. When purchasing commercial insurance, they must be insured according to their own needs. Generally speaking, parents should pay attention to the following three points when they are insured for their children: First, they can solve the medical expenses of their children, especially the medical expenses of major diseases; Second, raise funds for education; Third, ensure that their children will have an accident after their parents Can live normally. It is recommended that the insurance type should be used when purchasing insurance for children. Taking education-type children's insurance as an example, the establishment of an education fund for children in the form of insurance can achieve the effect of saving on the one hand; on the other hand, the education-type children's insurance of insurance companies currently design the education fund and the child's death protection together. Compared with simple investment channels such as savings or funds, the purchase of educational children's insurance has a layer of protection. For the baby, it should be to improve the most basic medical insurance or cooperative medical care, and then consider buying commercial insurance for the child. If it is to buy commercial insurance for the child, it is recommended to first consider the child's accidental medical care, hospitalization medical insurance, and then Consider the protection of major diseases, and finally consider the child's education reserve; this will protect the child's interests. In fact, for children, parents are the best guarantee, so Xiaobian suggested that parents should buy insurance for themselves before they buy insurance for their children, so that they can better protect their children’s interests. Give your child the best.