What are the basic children's insurance?

Children's insurance, designed specifically for children and young people, is used to address the education, entrepreneurship, marriage costs, and the types of insurance that children may face, such as illness, disability, death, etc. The main types of insurance for children's insurance include children's accident insurance, children's medical insurance and children's education insurance, and more emphasis on children's education and children's medical insurance (such as children's critical illness insurance). The biggest difference between children's insurance and insurance is that, in the sense of protection, the insurance guarantee is the ability of the insured to create in the future, while the children and young people still do not have the ability to create. In order to avoid moral hazard and adverse selection in life insurance, many countries have imposed an upper limit on the death insurance for children's insurance. The current law stipulates 500,000, and the major sickness insurance coverage with life insurance liability is not subject to this restriction. The current category of children's insurance in the children's insurance category can be basically divided into three categories: children's accidental injury insurance, children's health insurance and children's education savings insurance, which is also based on the three major risks faced by children. The common feature of these types of insurance is that they provide health and education savings protection as they grow up. Children's medical insurance protects children from the economic risks caused by medical expenses during the growth of children, so as to prevent children from getting high-quality and rapid medical services for economic reasons. The children's curiosity about new things and the lack of awareness of risk aversion prevent children's accidental accidents from being higher than other people. This type of insurance can actively prevent the risks arising from unexpected accidents in the process of children's growth. The Children's Education Fund is a long-term preparation plan for parents' future education expenses, with the concept of compulsory savings to ensure the children's funds for quality education in the future.