Expert reminder: children's medical insurance related knowle

With the continuous improvement of the level of medical insurance for children, the upper limit reached 280,000, and the children's insurance field has attracted more and more attention. Recently, the media reported that the standards for children's medical insurance have increased. The payment line for children's medical insurance funds is expected to increase to 280,000, and the deductible line may be reduced to less than 200, and the reimbursement ratio is expected to expand to 90%. Professionals believe that in the case of continuous improvement of children's medical insurance, the purchase of children's commercial insurance should pay attention to the "payment type" insurance. According to the reporter's understanding, the children's medical insurance has experienced the process of reimbursement from scratch, reimbursement from hospitalization to hospitalization and outpatient service, and reimbursement of the amount of reimbursement from low to high. Coverage is also expanding, from children of registered population to children of eligible temporary residents. Children's health insurance has solved big problems for many families. In contrast, the number of people paying attention to commercial children's medical insurance is clearly shrinking. Liu Yan, business manager of the seventh business department of the insurance branch, told reporters that even if the standards for children's medical insurance continue to improve, not everyone may have it. Children's medical insurance is for adults who have medical insurance for their children, but many adults who live there are not covered by medical insurance. In addition, some people may have medical insurance, feel that they are turning to trouble, and there is no medical insurance. This part of the population still needs to buy the insurance company's children's medical insurance. Life Insurance (601628, shares it) Luohu Branch Marketing Director Li Dongyu told reporters that the insurance company's children's medical insurance, especially for children's medical insurance for three or less, was originally weak. And even if you are hospitalized, regardless of the clinic, even if the insurance company sells such products, most of them do not make money or even lose money. Business people are not actively pushing these varieties. But in the past, children did not have medical insurance, and parents still care about this. Some insurance companies have developed such insurance, but most of them are one-year additional types of insurance. According to the reporter, commercial children's medical insurance is called the “knocking block” of buying insurance. In the past, many families were not interested in buying insurance. They often only dealt with commercial insurance because they were concerned about their health problems. Parents also took insurance. Try to insure children's medical insurance. The reporter has compared, because there are half of the government subsidies for insured children's medical insurance, its cost performance has far exceeded that of commercial children's medical insurance. At present, family purchases of children's medical insurance, the annual fee is less than 200, and the maximum reimbursement amount can reach 280,000. In addition to hospitalization, daily outpatient clinics can also be reimbursed, and the starting line is lower than 200. Look at the commercial children's medical insurance on the field, taking "baby" as an example, 0 ~ 3 children, annual payment of 300, the maximum can be guaranteed 60,000, including accidental medical clinics, hospitalization and serious illness. 3 The payment for the above year is 700, and the guarantee remains unchanged. The insurance coverage is guaranteed for one year and is bought every year. According to industry insiders, insurance companies have no money to earn such insurance, and the rate is constantly rising. Therefore, professionals suggest that parents should consider trying to insure children's medical insurance at their place of residence. According to the regulations, if a family is insured for six years in a row, the reimbursement amount may not be capped. Commercial child insurance, preferably a payment type, Li Dongzhen believes that it is a good thing to improve child health insurance now, just to make up for the gap, and have an impact on commercial children's medical care, but the impact is not great. Li Dongyu suggested that the level of medical insurance for children is constantly improving, and the upper limit has reached 280,000. The general illness is almost enough. However, it may not be enough to consider the cost of rehabilitation in the later stages of major illness. In addition, medical insurance must have the problem of drug reimbursement restrictions. In order to further improve the child's health protection level, capable parents can also purchase some commercial children's medical insurance, and it is best to purchase payment type insurance instead of reimbursement type, so as to supplement the children's medical insurance. According to reports, medical insurance is usually divided into two categories: payment type and reimbursement type. Critical illness insurance is generally a type of payment type, and hospitalized medical insurance is divided into two types: payment type and reimbursement type. The payment type is contractually stipulated. Once hospitalization or serious illness occurs, it will be compensated at one time according to the prescribed limit. The reimbursement type needs to be reimbursed by the insurance company every time with the medical invoice. If the medical insurance report is reported, the insurance company will not reimburse it. Now the reimbursement rate of the child medical insurance may increase to 90%, and then the reimbursement type of medical insurance will not be used. Big. Buying Children's Insurance: There are three issues to be aware of. As the level of child health insurance protection continues to increase, parents' demand for commercial child insurance is constantly changing. Li Dongyu and Liu Yanjun told reporters that it is a financial insurance type for the children to sell on the court. Parents are also very accepting of this type of insurance. Professionals remind parents to pay attention. First, according to the provisions of the Insurance Law, the maximum amount of compensation for children's death is 100,000. If the parents who have insured the child's medical insurance have financial ability, they can consider buying a child with a serious illness insurance. Critical illness insurance is a type of payment insurance. The general protection period is very long and can last for life. Regardless of the age, in the event of a serious illness, the insurance company will pay according to the contract. If the economic conditions are normal, after the purchase of children's medical insurance, the child's health protection has been largely resolved. Second, insurance for children should focus on premium exemption. Once a parent has an accident and loses the ability to pay, the insurance company can waive the subsequent payment and the policy will continue to take effect. Parents should pay attention to this detail before insuring and ask how much it costs. Third, on the issue of insurance, the parents must be in the first place and the children in the back. This is the most basic principle. Many parents are now keen to buy a gold education plan for their children, or a life savings plan with a return function. In fact, such products are all financial products with weak protection functions. Since it is financial management, there are many ways, such as fund fixed investment, long-term bonds, trust plans, etc., please pay attention to the price. In addition, parents still need to be reminded that financial insurance products are usually for the benefit of the beneficiary and the beneficiary is the parent. If the parents first buy enough protection for themselves, let the child be the beneficiary. In this way, the child actually has protection regardless of whether the parents have any accidents.