Education gold insurance purchase considerations

How to choose a suitable education insurance? There are three main types of traditional dividend insurance for children. The first one is to return a certain amount of survival gold every three or two years from the effective date of the policy. Products are often long-term and can be returned for up to 80 weeks or for life. Like Xin Li, and so on. The returned "survival insurance premium" is not collected, and the compound interest is 4.5% per annum. The second is to start at the appointed time, such as 15 to 17 high school, 18 to 21 when you go to college, return a certain amount of education money each year, mainly for high school, university education costs, mostly in the form of additional risks; “Additional Children’s High School Education Annuity Insurance” and “Additional Children’s Education University Education Annuity Insurance”. The third type is a one-time return at the agreed time, which can provide a certain period of education expenses, and can also provide survival funds for entrepreneurship, marriage, pensions, etc. The choice of education insurance for children should be based on the actual situation of the family and the level of education of the child in the future. If the economic conditions permit, you want to provide lifelong protection for your children or consider from the perspective of investment and financial management. Kind or the third form; if the economy is general, the conditions are limited only to consider the protection of children's education in the future, it is appropriate to consider the second. The above are traditional education gold insurance products, in addition to the traditional type, there are non-traditional insurance products, such as children's universal insurance, and investment-linked insurance. The universal insurance guarantee is perfect, it has the function of investment and wealth management, and it has flexible adjustment function (adjustable amount of insurance, flexible payment, free of charge), and the income has a guarantee, which guarantees the receipt of education funds. As an education gold design, universal insurance can also be designed on parents, so that education gold preparation and parental protection can be achieved. Because the universal insurance has guaranteed income, it can ensure that the education fund is received on time, without any investment risk, and the high personal security can make parents have personal economic risks, there is a high amount of economic compensation! Investment-linked insurance has the function of guarantee and investment. If there is investment income, there is risk of investment. The professional level of the agent is high. It also requires the insured to have certain ability to resist risks, that is, to accept certain risks. In addition to traditional and non-traditional insurance products, the reserve of education funds is also non-insurance: one is the well-known deposit, the advantage is flexible access. The shortcoming is also flexible access, easy to be affected by external factors, such as consumer temptation, personal risk, etc., easily interrupted in the middle, and there is no way to ensure the education investment. The other is the fund's fixed investment. Individuals need certain investment knowledge and have certain risks. They are forced to liquidate due to limited distribution scale or investment failure, which may result in the suspension of fixed investment or final investment. They are also vulnerable to personal risks and are interrupted midway. At present, the ranking of the efficiency of the education gold plan provided by the life insurance agent on the field is ranked according to the reasonable degree of the plan. Our premise is that the main goal of the parents is that the education fund has no other children's marriage, entrepreneurship, retirement and other arrangements. 1, special education gold dividend insurance (only in the fixed period of the child's higher education to return the education and dividends) 2, with the pension function of the education gold dividend insurance (except for a fixed period of higher education, there are a small amount of pension) 3, investment links Insurance (flexible collection, taking into account high income, if the income can be ranked first) 4, three years and one return (three years after returning a lifetime return and dividend insurance) 5, two years and one return (after the expiration of the payment period begins life Return and dividend insurance) 6. Return once a year (the payment period is short, and the insurance will be returned to life and dividends every year after payment). 7. Pay back immediately (the dividend payment will be refunded every year from the second year of payment). The period can be ranked 2nd for up to 20 years) ●Notes on insurance education: 1. Must have the "exemption from premium" function. One of the advantages of education insurance is to have the "exemption from premium" function. Once the insured parents suffer misfortune If you die or are completely disabled, the insurance company will waive all unpaid premiums, and the children can continue to receive protection and funding. Therefore, when insuring education, you must first look at this insurance or insurance plan. Whether it contains premium waiver feature. 2. According to the expenditure demand “ ” Parents should pay attention to the actual education cost demand when choosing the education fund, because the protection outside the purchase demand will inevitably pay more premiums and increase the unnecessary economic burden. If you don't have a graduate study or other postgraduate program, you can focus on the education insurance that pays for high school and college education, not the insurance that will receive the survival fund after the university. If you pay high tuition from the elementary school, you can choose a large insurance. For example, insurance covers from junior high school to university education; if you have less education expenses before the high school, or if you have more economic conditions, you can focus on insurance insurance after receiving insurance from the university. 3. Investigate additional guarantees and additional benefits When choosing education funds, it must be forward-looking, consider other aspects of protection in advance, and choose more competitive insurance products such as accident insurance, major illness insurance, and hospitalization insurance. Or insurance plan. 4, consider the age of insurance to plan the child's education through education insurance, the sooner the better, the smaller the more appropriate; 5, choose the preferred combination of methods can also be combined for the child education gold planning, such as children before the 4th grade primary school Education insurance is used to make education plans. After the children's fourth grade, they can also use the combination of education insurance + education savings.