Inpatient medical insurance, children must be indispensable

The child social insurance currently implemented in the city is an important measure for the establishment of the state and the health protection system. The price is 100 yuan and the state subsidy is 50%. “With only 50 bucks, you can put your child into the protection of the country!” This is really good news for parents in other cities. Financial analyst Wang Lili told the Financial Weekly reporter that the simple social insurance for children has the following gaps: no payment for death and disability; no self-funded medicine, compensation for self-funded equipment for surgery; there is a part of self-pay; Premium exemption; no subsidy for bed and meal expenses; limited coverage; no accident compensation for accidents such as traffic accidents. In addition to these large cities, in many other places, child care is not included in any security system, and children and adolescents are basically without medical security. However, the types of diseases and the frequency of morbidity in children are very high. Once hospitalized, the cost is very high. Therefore, if you want your child's money to be meaningful, and the child's sky is covered with full shelter, it is a good choice to buy children's commercial medical insurance. Children's critical illness has a small risk and a high premium. At present, there are two main types of children's medical insurance on the field, one is major illness insurance and the other is hospitalization insurance. Major diseases are not patented by adults. At present, many major diseases have a tendency to become younger, and certain major diseases such as leukemia and severe myocarditis often occur in children. Once it happens, high medical expenses will become a heavy burden on the family. The payment of major illness insurance is generally paid in full according to the insurance amount after the diagnosis, and the insurance liability is also terminated. Currently, many insurance companies have introduced major illness insurance for children. Wang Lili said that children's major illness insurance premiums are low, so children's major illness insurance should try to buy higher insurance coverage. Most hospitalized medical insurance is a consumer-type insurance, usually with a one-year guarantee period, both primary insurance and additional insurance. The inpatient medical expenses type insurance is generally based on the actual expenses incurred during the hospitalization period; the inpatient medical allowance type insurance is based on the hospitalization days, and the hospitalization allowance is paid according to the contract. Buying a medical insurance does not mean that the child is sick and has to be reimbursed. Generally speaking, insurance companies are not reimbursed for outpatients such as fever and cold, and only large expenses such as hospitalization and surgery can be subsidized. 3 The following children are very susceptible to illness. It is recommended that families purchase medical insurance for their child 30 days after birth. And before purchasing a child's medical insurance, parents should first consider the insurance structure in the original family and ask whether the unit that knows the work has such reimbursement or subsidy, and then purchase according to the situation. On the issue of coverage, the content of child protection below 17 is the same, so you can buy with confidence at any age. Regarding the cost issue, the child is different from the adult. The child has a relatively high rate when he is younger, and the rate gradually decreases with age. This is mainly due to the child's morbidity, and children are usually more likely to get sick. Wang Lili said that when purchasing child insurance, parents should pay attention to a clause called the insured person's disability exemption premium. The existence of this clause gives children's medical care a unique advantage, that is, when the child's parents have a significant risk, All the child's protection still exists, but the premium does not need to be paid. This is the so-called any risk, and the child can grow up healthily. Medical insurance designed for children currently has two options on the field: one is a major illness plan that can be purchased by children, and a child shares a contract. The advantage of this product is that it is purchased once and is guaranteed for life; the shortcomings are obvious, because it is not designed for children, so there is insufficient attention to some common diseases of children. There is also a major illness insurance developed specifically for children, such as Baby Growth (JCI), which focuses on 17 major diseases that are common to children and can be purchased separately. 200 can purchase 100,000 insured amount.