Education gold insurance should be sooner rather than later

As the heart of the parents, every step of the child's growth is firmly tied to the heart of the parents. In order to make the children receive a better education, Wang Zicheng’s parents will spend a lot of money on the children’s learning and training, and hope that the children will have a bright future. But the cost of expensive education also puts a lot of pressure on parents. As a new generation of tide daddy, how to plan a child's education gold has become a new topic they need to learn. The future of worrying children, the education of insurance insurance into a hot election Mr. Li, 34, is operating a good-scale restaurant, and the profitability is good. His wife is a manager in a foreign company and her salary is very impressive every year. The husband and wife live in a family, and their sons are nearly two. But as the children grew up day by day, the two began to worry about the children's education. “Good education will provide children with a broader space for development. This is also the responsibility of our parents. We want to start planning now and let him receive the best education.” The two expressed their education for their children. Pay attention, just suffer from having ideas and no methods. In the context of the increasing pressure on employment, the same parents as Mr. Li and his wife are not a minority, and they are increasingly worried about their children's future education plans. At present, how do families generally raise funds for their children's education? Relevant surveys show that 32% of households pay education through time deposit savings; 24% of families plan education through insurance plans; securities or fund investment, real estate investment, Various methods such as demand deposits constitute a reserve channel for different family education funds. Among them, there are still quite a few families who have no clear plan for the education gold reserve. There are also many people who have the same ideas as Mr. Li and do not know what method to choose. In today's financial environment and education environment, how do parents plan their education funds to be more reasonable and worry-free? Many financial planners interviewed by the reporter said that it is more reasonable and safe to use the insurance plan to carry out the education reserve for their children. s Choice. Product diversification insurance The so-called education gold insurance is to provide corresponding insurance for children and children in different stages of education. The children's education insurance sold on the field, in addition to the education funds of junior high school, high school and university, including the entrepreneurial fund after the work, the marriage fund and even the pension fund after retirement, the high school for the insured Return certain funds to the university and the marriage. There are differences in the number of returns of different products and the amount of each return, and the emphasis is not the same. Some education protection programs pay attention to children's entrepreneurship and marriage, and some pay more attention to universities and further studies. Which products can make policyholders get more Large gains should be judged on the actual situation. In addition, different education gold insurance payment methods are also different, parents can make the most reasonable adjustment according to their own circumstances. The education gold insurance allows the insured to reserve a fund at each specific stage to alleviate the financial burden of the parents and fully reflect the care and care of the parents. What are the special considerations that parents need to pay attention to when choosing an education insurance plan? The financial planner believes that parents must fully understand the medical protection when selecting children's education gold products, and choose children's education insurance with exemption clauses for their children. . In this way, children can continue to receive protection and funding when their parents have an accident. In addition, the financial planner said that in terms of education security, the education fund for children is planned. The more they plan from the time when the child is young, the more they can enjoy the value of time compounding. Parents can provide a strong guarantee for their children's future education through the children's education insurance. . However, insurance should also be treated rationally, starting from the actual demand for education expenses, so as not to increase the unnecessary economic burden.