How to buy insurance for congenital heart disease

Case situation: I am doing auto parts, driving and running outside, 35 in May 1978; people selling goods in their own stores, 33 in August 1980; a girl in March 2004, 9 near home The public elementary school will be in the third grade in the second half of the year; a boy will go to the kindergarten in the second half of 2009 to read the middle school in the second half of the year; the family is 100,000 yuan in length, unstable, living in a house without a house, has a savings of 300,000, and has a set of homes. 200,000 houses. Both husband and wife have social security, and the big girl has school medical insurance. There are three other vans, two of which bought full insurance and one bought a strong insurance, but I am not sure which one to open. Please help me design and help me to design a cover insurance for the whole family. I want to protect myself from accidents. I want to protect 1 million. How much is it necessary for people and children? How much is appropriate for the illness? There must be a policy exemption clause. What other aspects should be added? (For example, how should education insurance be designed?) The annual cost does not exceed 20,000 (investment insurance? Universal insurance?), the payment period is not more than 10 years. Note: I found a congenital heart disease ventricular septal defect in my physical examination. The doctor said that the young and asymptomatic reexamination can be done every year. When the elderly have symptomatic reoperation, the cost of surgery is about 4-100,000. Detailed insurance data protection target: Age: 35 Occupation: Social security: There are major protections: life insurance, major illness insurance, children's education, accident insurance, and the amount of money you want to pay each year: 20,000 or so experts suggest: 1. According to your In case of congenital heart disease ventricular septal defect, it is necessary to inform when insured that congenital diseases are not guaranteed, and the specific guarantee amount is the company's underwriting to pass the purchase, and the serious illness and protection are medical examinations. The medical examination passes a redesigned, company-wide plan. According to the order of accidental medical care + major illness + pension reserve + child education + dividend management + reasonable tax avoidance, the whole family plans. 2. People's protection is also purchased in this order. For the time being, it is recommended not to consider investment-linked insurance. 3. A pair of children also purchase the first guaranteed education reserve in the above order, of course, all exemptions.