Children's accident insurance, how many accidents, how many

Guide: Many people think that children's accident insurance buy more, and get more compensation, which is the biggest misunderstanding of children's accident insurance. So what are the misunderstandings of insured children's accident insurance that are most easily overlooked by everyone? Are there more compensation for children's accident insurance? The maximum limit for the death insurance for minors is 50,000, and the sum is 100,000. In other words, even if the accident insurance premium purchased exceeds 100,000, according to the regulations, it can only compensate 100,000, so buying more is actually a waste. It is even more undesirable to buy separately from multiple insurance companies, because before the purchase, the insurance company usually asks if it has been insured by another company. If it is not informed, the second insurance company that insured usually refuses to pay and only refunds the premium. When parents buy accident insurance for their children, they must see the scope of protection. Do not think that as long as they buy accident insurance, the child will have an accident. For example, if a child is accidentally burnt, he or she thinks that he can get a claim or get a full claim. However, according to the relevant terms of the insurance company, the extent of the burn must be reached to obtain the claim, and the amount of the claim is based on the disability. Level payment insurance. In other words, claims are conditional, and this condition is mainly the “disclaimer clause” in the insurance clause. According to the relevant provisions of various insurance companies, the current coverage of children's accident insurance is mainly based on death and disability, while others only guarantee death. However, it may be called accident insurance on the name of the insurance. This point, the insured should decide the terms before insuring before deciding. The three misunderstandings that children's accident insurance is easy to ignore. Misunderstanding 1: Anyway regardless of age, casually speaking, when it comes to children's insurance, many parents will think that anyway, they are all children, just buy some insurance. In fact, this is a misunderstanding among many parents, because even if they are all children, because of the different ages, the protection should be different. After all, the span of 0-18 is very large. First, from an age perspective, insurance experts recommend that 0-6 children should focus on health risks. 0-6 Children have the highest proportion of claims due to illness, accounting for more than 80%, and nearly half of the claims are bronchitis and pneumonia, with an average claim amount of around 900. Current accidental injuries, medical insurance, and hospitalization expenses are often in the form of additional insurance. Secondly, 7-18 children are at risk of trauma and education. At this stage, the proportion of children with sick claims is low, and the trauma caused by accidents is significantly increased, such as "bitten or scratched by a dog", "hot water burns", "falling from a height, jumping off or being pushed down." The damage caused, as well as the fractures of the body parts such as the arms, calves and shoulders, accounted for more than 60%. Therefore, at this stage, we must pay special attention to the necessary accident insurance for children. At the same time, parents can also focus on the use of children's insurance to start the reserve education fund for children. Myth 2: Buying insurance always ignores protection In recent years, with the escalation of environmental pollution and food safety issues, the incidence of major diseases among children has soared. Relevant statistics show that the number of malignant tumors per child in the following 15 years is more than 25,000, and the incidence of childhood leukemia is increasing from 30,000 to 40,000 per year. The economic pressure caused by high treatment costs is that many families have to give up. One of the main reasons for treatment. Misunderstanding 3: Insured people have exemption function insurance network insurance experts reminded that when purchasing child insurance, you should also pay attention to the following two points: 1. For example, the insurance clause is best to choose insurance with the policyholder exemption function to avoid the insured person encounter After the accident, the child loses the risk of protection; 2. Before purchasing the child insurance, the parents who are the main source of income for the family should first purchase the protection for themselves, in order to avoid the family being in trouble when the accident occurs. In the Fosun Baode Xinxingbao Children's Critical Illness Protection Program, parents can choose to attach a major illness exemption clause. In order to avoid moral hazard and adverse selection risk in life insurance, many countries have imposed an upper limit on the death insurance for children's insurance. The current law stipulates 100,000, and the major sickness insurance coverage with life insurance liability is not subject to this restriction.