PICC Health Children's Major Disease Insurance Comprehensive

Minor illness can be reimbursed. Big illnesses lose big money. Accidents are guaranteed. Disease-free financial management. Value-added can provide pension. First, major illness insurance premiums are 100,000 (increased to 300,000). 35 categories, 90 days after the contract takes effect, any kind of diagnosis is made, and insurance premiums are paid. Second, in situ cancer protection plus 20% of the insurance amount of 230,000, general medical supplements 1) Accidental emergency medical expenses reimbursement (medical insurance 80%) 1000 / year 2) hospitalization expenses reimbursement (medical insurance 90%) 8000 / times 3) Daily hospitalization allowance (1-180 days/time) 50/day 4) Reimbursement of hospital emergency expenses before and after hospitalization 100/time IV. Savings and wealth management function income collection form as follows: accumulated principal amount of 45,000 years can receive bullying and major diseases/body Therefore, the compensation amount is 80,300,300,700, 211,200,200,600,150,000, 170,000, 1,1,1,1,6,650,000, guarantee renewal (IPO automatic increase in equity), unique compliance and rising medical expenses, major medical insurance annual amount 10% increase, the company's exemption from child insurance premium insurance premiums: 2900 / year (equivalent to 240 / month) deposit period of 20 years.