How to buy children's major illness insurance

The health and safety of children has always been the focus of parents' attention, and children's major illness insurance has received more and more attention. At the same time, children's hospitalization insurance can also cover medical expenses beyond the social security reimbursement quota, reducing the family's economic pressure. How do parents buy major illness insurance for children? The scope of protection is not as wide as possible. Many people will think that since it is economically safe to prevent serious illnesses afterwards, it is of course better to purchase a variety with a wide range of protection. In fact, for individuals, the wider the insurance liability, the better. The insurance premium for critical illness insurance is comprehensively obtained by the actuary in accordance with various indicators such as the incidence rate of various diseases contained in the insurance. The more diseases are guaranteed, the higher the premium is naturally. For specific insureds, the incidence of some diseases is almost zero, or some of the traumatic diseases that they originally purchased can be guaranteed, then there is no need to spend money to buy cross-protection projects. Critical illness insurance. The most important thing when choosing a major illness insurance is to check whether the common cardiovascular, organ and senile diseases are included in the articles. With these three categories, basically the general insured's protection needs are met. In addition, you should also pay attention to tailor-made for yourself. For example, children who purchase critical illness insurance must have leukemia. It is also worth noting that although some diseases are included in the scope of protection, the restrictions on the extent of the disease are quite strict. Patients who have reached the prescribed level in the provisions are generally severely ill, even if they receive insurance money. There is no chance to survive, and such protection has no practical meaning. Critical illness insurance is a necessary supplement to medical insurance. For children without medical insurance, children's major illness insurance is especially important. For the coverage of medical insurance, major illness insurance can be used as a necessary supplement. Because the social medical care fund's protection for medical insurance personnel is “guaranteed and not packaged”, the proportion of hospitalization expenses and major illnesses is relatively high. If you have purchased a critical illness insurance, as long as the confirmed disease is in compliance with the insurance policy, you can get the insurance company's payment at one time. On the one hand, you don't need to pay for medical expenses after your illness, and more importantly, you can reduce it. Personal medical expenditure burden. Moreover, medical insurance drugs are treated separately according to categories A and B. The actual individual share of drugs is large. Some patients use less class B drugs because of financial difficulties. If they can get insurance claims, they also use drugs for treatment. There will be greater freedom to improve the quality of care. The annual premium payment is better. Although there will be some price concessions in one pass, the premium for the critical illness insurance is better than the annual payment. Although the total amount paid may be slightly more, but each payment is less, it will not bring too much burden to the family. In addition to interest and other factors, the actual cost is not necessarily higher than the one-time payment method. The annual payment is also conducive to estimating the annual expenditure of the family and facilitating family financial planning.