When does the child education insurance cover buy?

Education gold insurance is mainly for the insurance of children's future education, entrepreneurship, marriage and other major events. At present, more and more parents are paying attention. But when it comes to buying education insurance for children, timing is important. When is the best education for children's education? In addition to education insurance, what kind of insurance do children need to buy? When is the best education for children's education? In general, the education insurance for children is the sooner they are bought, the better. At present, the education gold insurance sold by insurance companies is mostly 0 (born for 30 days), so it can be insured after the baby is born 30 days later. When purchasing education insurance for children in the future, parents should choose the payment period according to the family's economic situation. If the family's economic conditions are good and you want to give the child long-term protection, it is recommended to choose a long-term payment period. What insurance is suitable for children to buy? To buy insurance for children, first consider accident insurance, secondly consider health insurance, and finally consider education insurance. It is important to know that children's ability to resist risks is very weak and they are prone to accidents. Therefore, children's accident insurance is needed. Children's physical condition is very fragile and vulnerable to disease, and health insurance cannot be ignored. Moreover, children's education costs are higher when they grow up. High, buying an education insurance in advance can alleviate the burden of education in the future. As for the specific products to be selected, it is recommended to choose not only to provide children with major disease protection, but also to provide accidental and sickness hospitalization allowance for the child, and then to receive funds at the specified time as comprehensive insurance for education expenses. Of course, consumers can also choose a return-type critical illness insurance for their children, which will provide them with major illnesses, specific illnesses and death benefits.