Children's Health Insurance Insurance Parents pay attention

Every year, I hear a lot of reports about children's helplessness due to lack of money for leukemia treatment. The accidents of drowning accidents are also frequently reported on TV media. When these incidents occur, who will help these innocent children and their helpless parents? The public has helped twice, but the next time? The social rescue can't save all those who need assistance. The emergence of children's insurance not only gives children a chance to make accidents or suffer material compensation, but also effectively alleviates social pressure. Because of their physiological immaturity and lack of any economic characteristics, children will encounter more unknown risks than adults in the long process of growth. In response to these characteristics, the insurance for children's insurance developed by insurance companies is mainly divided into the following three categories: children's accidental injury insurance, children's health insurance and children's education savings insurance. The first two are basic insurance, and the latter one is supplementary insurance. Let me talk about the accidental injury insurance for children. Because the mind is immature, children are often tempted by many uneasy factors to cause accidents. Their curiosity about new things and their lack of awareness of risk aversion have determined that they have suffered accidental injuries more than others. The most commonly heard case is that during the summer vacation, three or two groups of children are invited to swim in the pool. In the absence of any adult care, the possibility of drowning is very large. It is not easy to raise a child. Accident insurance can at least give the parents a little physical compensation when the child is injured. Followed by children's health insurance. In the case of leukemia, about 40,000 leukemia patients are added each year, of which more than 20,000 are children, and most of them are children of 2-7. Therefore, young parents should not have the luck, especially those living in environmentally polluted places, dirty water or muddy air may be the chief culprit. The premium for this type of insurance will not be very high and affordable for the average family. But once a child is sick, the amount of protection that can be obtained can be as high as several hundred thousand. Finally, let's talk about the supplemental function of education savings insurance. All expenses for a child before adulthood are net expenses of the family. The process of education is continuous, and the economic costs behind it are high and huge. Before the 18th preschool, elementary school, junior high school, high school, the cost per semester is not light for a couple. If economic conditions permit, you can consider purchasing a savings-based education insurance as soon as possible, and make a long-term preparation plan for your child's future education to ensure that the child will receive the funds needed for quality education in the future. The above explanation is for young parents to give advice on child protection, but it must follow a principle: to buy insurance, you must first protect the child and then protect the child. When the economic ability allows, consider buying insurance for your child. If the pillars of a family fall, then it is undoubtedly the heaviest blow to this home.