Which kind of child accident insurance is best

The child is very active and has poor self-control ability. Statistics show that children’s accidental injuries and property damage caused by their mischievous eggs show a clear upward trend. In order to help children face the future calmly and avoid risks, parents will carefully select and purchase insurance for their children. So, what kind of child insurance is the best? At present, on the official Taobao platform of major insurance companies, insurance companies including, ,, life, and so on have children's accident insurance products for sale. Children's accident insurance is generally not high, and most regions have separate sales, the price is generally between tens and hundreds. Premiums are based on age and can be freely chosen for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc. If your child is currently in elementary school, the school will purchase the school insurance in a unified manner. Such insurance is the basic guarantee for the students! In addition, for those who generally need children's accidents or medical insurance, the most affordable protection plan, you are advised to choose a simple child insurance card. This type of child insurance card can provide children with comprehensive coverage, accidental medical care, and serious illnesses in a matter of hundreds of expenses. Insurance experts suggest that conditional parents may choose to attach accidental medical insurance to accidental injury insurance. In this way, parents' economic pressure will be significantly reduced, and they will provide more comprehensive protection for children's bumps. Taking the introduction of comprehensive children's insurance as an example, its main insurance covers personal accidents, accidental hospitalization, accidental outpatient medical care, illness death, accidental hospitalization allowance and many other guarantees. According to the calculation tools provided by the official website, 3~18 children, 100,000 accident insurance coverage (including accidental death, 100,000 disability insurance, 50,000 deaths, 40,000 accidental hospitalization, 5,000 emergency medical treatment, accidental hospitalization allowance) 100/day), 1 year online premium is 260. Need to be reminded that parents should also purchase appropriate accident insurance for their children, and do not need to repeat insurance. Because according to regulations, before the insured is underage, the total amount of death insurance for each insurance contract and the total amount of compensation actually obtained after the accident may not exceed 100,000. In other words, buying accident insurance is not the more you buy, the more you get.