Introduction to neonatal medical insurance

In the process of children's growth, the cost of children's major diseases and children's hospitalization is a relatively large expense in the family. At present, there are two main types of neonatal medical insurance on the field, one is major illness insurance and the other is hospitalization insurance. Children's disease types and frequency of occurrence are very high, and now the major diseases are younger and younger, such as malignant tumors such as leukemia, cerebral thrombosis and severe myocarditis. Therefore, neonatal medical insurance is a guarantee. The payment of major illness insurance is generally paid in full according to the insurance amount after the diagnosis, and the insurance liability is also terminated. Children’s major illness insurance premiums are low, so children’s major illness insurance should buy as much as possible. The hospitalized medical insurance is mostly a consumer-type insurance. It is a one-year guarantee period, and there are both main insurance and additional insurance. The inpatient medical expenses type insurance is based on the actual expenses incurred during the hospitalization period; the inpatient medical allowance type insurance is based on the hospitalization days, and the hospitalization allowance is paid according to the contract. Buying a newborn medical insurance does not mean that the child is sick and has to be reimbursed. Generally speaking, the clinics such as fever and cold are not reimbursed, and only large expenses such as hospitalization and surgery can be subsidized. Children's accident insurance basically covers accidental death or total disability, but the difference in compensation amount is relatively large. Parents are advised to attach insurance for inpatient medical insurance and hospitalization allowance in addition to purchasing a main insurance. In this way, most of the medical expenses can be reimbursed if the child is hospitalized. These types of insurance are purely consumer and the total annual premium is estimated to be no more than a thousand. Infants and young children, due to poor resistance, children are prone to some epidemic diseases, so neonatal medical insurance is very important.