2016 how to buy insurance for children to buy which insuranc

There are many types of child insurance: What kind of insurance should parents buy for their children? Since ancient times, there have been slang words of “parents of the people, which are far-reaching for the children”. Every parent wants to have a safe and healthy living environment for children. Insurance as a barrier can effectively prevent some injuries, especially when the two-child era is quietly coming, and child insurance is getting more and more attention. How to buy insurance for children? How to buy good insurance? To better make insurance work, some tips about child insurance cannot be ignored. There are many types of child insurance. The more popular child insurance today is divided into four categories: child accident insurance, child health insurance, children's education savings insurance and children's investment wealth insurance. Children's accidental injury insurance is mainly for children under 18, when the child causes high medical expenses due to accidents, or accidents lead to disability and death, the insurance company will pay corresponding compensation. This insurance is characterized by relatively cheap premiums and relatively safe protection. High, no return function, suitable for families with average economic conditions. Child health insurance, including children's major illness insurance and child hospitalization insurance. Major illness insurance pays for the child after a major illness, reducing the pressure of treatment; child hospitalization insurance protects children's common diseases. Children's education savings insurance mainly accumulates children's tuition fees in the future through insurance, and has the effect of compulsory savings. For the purchase of such insurance, parents should pay attention to the exemption clause, that is, once the parents have an accident, the child does not need to continue to pay the premium, but still enjoys the protection, and is suitable for families with stronger economic strength. Children's investment and financial insurance, this kind of insurance is a product that integrates savings, protection and investment. It is different from other child insurance in that it better integrates many advantages such as financial planning and risk protection. For example, the universal insurance in this kind of insurance can solve the problem of the children's higher education tuition and self-employment. The characteristics of this type of insurance are that the premiums are paid in relative freedom and the amount of insurance premiums is self-selected, and the benefits can be obtained at the same time as insurance coverage. Suitable for families with sufficient economic strength.