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[Introduction]: Children are the hardest hit areas for diseases. For example, children with rhinitis will bring greater medical expenses and pain to the baby. Therefore, parents should learn to use child accident insurance and major illness insurance to protect them. The health of the child and the economic expenses of the family. After the baby is born, the most important insurance to purchase is accident insurance and major illness insurance. Because children are young, they are prone to illness and accidents. Allergic rhinitis is associated with asthma and its susceptibility to allergens, which means that exposure to allergens is the main cause of the disease, and the occurrence of allergic inflammation in the upper and lower respiratory tract of pediatric patients and individuals Physical fitness has an important connection. City Students and children are required to seek medical treatment in the “xx Student Child Serious Medical Insurance Manual” issued by the social insurance agency. If the student or child is hospitalized or treated for special disease outpatient treatment, the individual shall pay the advance payment first, and the medical expenses incurred shall be recorded by the designated medical institution. At the time of settlement, the part that should be paid by the major illness medical insurance fund according to the regulations shall be settled by the designated medical institution and the social insurance agency, and the rest of the medical expenses shall be settled by the individual and the designated medical institution. Insured Guide Don't let accidental injury become the biggest risk in your baby's growth process! Children and children are active, self-protection awareness and ability are poor, and the family's overall consciousness is not strong enough, so children occur in daily life or in game activities. The probability of accidents is obviously higher than that of adults, and accidental injuries are considered a big killer for young children. Children suffer from major diseases, 80% of children can get radical cure, but the cost is a high price! To cure a case of leukemia children, it takes an average of three and a half to five years, and spend at least 200,000. This is unbearable for many families, and a considerable number of people have given up treatment. Insurance experts remind parents to buy children's accidental injury insurance should pay attention to the following points: 1. Look at the cleanup compensation items for accidental medical claims, not all the drug bills to find insurance companies can be fully reimbursed, but have a choice Sexual reimbursement. For example, whether bed fees, imported drugs, etc. are reimbursed, the rules of each company are different. Therefore, before parents buy accident insurance, they must find out which expenses can be reported, and which fees cannot be reported. Whether they are reported in full or in accordance with a certain percentage, so as to avoid disputes with insurance companies. 2. See the scope of protection Parents should see the scope of protection when purchasing accident insurance for children. Don't think that if you buy accident insurance, your child will have an accident. For example, if a child is accidentally burnt, he or she thinks that he can get a claim or get a full claim. However, according to the relevant terms of the insurance company, the extent of the burn must be reached to obtain the claim, and the amount of the claim is based on the disability. Level payment insurance. In other words, claims are conditional, and this condition is mainly the “disclaimer clause” in the insurance clause. According to the relevant provisions of various insurance companies, the current coverage of accident insurance for children is mainly based on death and disability, while others only guarantee death. However, it may be called accident insurance on the name of the insurance. This point, the insured should decide the terms before insuring before deciding. 3. Seeing the amount of insurance According to the Insurance Law, minor children are basically not capable of working and have no wages. Therefore, when determining the death insurance amount of a minor, it is determined according to the basic living standard of one person for 10 years. . In most areas, the number of children's death insurance does not exceed 50,000. Therefore, the travel accident insurance policy requires that the insured person who chooses 60 days to 17 weeks can only choose the combination of accidental injury insurance amount not exceeding 50,000. When accident insurance and major illness insurance are insured, it is necessary to pay attention to the maximum insured amount of 100,000 for the death, and the excess of the insurance amount is invalid.