Which children's insurance can be used for children's travel

Spring is harmonious, the air is fresh, and the school generally organizes student spring tours. Here, in order to prevent unpredictable risks, it is essential to plan insurance coverage for students in advance. Travel insurance and Xue Ping Insurance provide basic guarantees. Spring travel can be regarded as travel activities, while travel-related insurance is mainly travel agency liability insurance and travel accident insurance. Travel agency liability insurance is purchased by the National Tourism Administration's compulsory travel agency to prevent the travel agency from being able to take compensation after a large-scale accident. The travel accident insurance is a traditional accident insurance purchased by tourists. The coverage is during the entire insurance period. The loss of death, disability or accidental medical expenses caused by an accident within the scope of the insurance liability of the visitor shall be paid by the insurance company in accordance with the contract. In general, insuring travel accident insurance on the basis of travel agency liability insurance can effectively transfer more risks. Aside from the insurance coverage for spring travel, the most widely used insurance policy for children is Xue Ping Insurance, which generally collects premiums from the school when the students enter the school. The insured person can obtain accidental injuries, accidental injuries and medical care by paying dozens of premiums. A number of guarantees, including inpatient care, pay 50% for reimbursement from 1000 and below, and 90% for 10,000 to 30,000. In other words, Xue Ping Insurance can provide the most basic protection. Accidents, serious illnesses, and comprehensive education care Currently, insurance for children mainly includes three categories: accidental medical insurance, critical illness insurance, and education insurance. Because of low immunity, active and active, but lack of self-care ability, children often have a large risk of accidents during their growth. At the same time, if a child suffers from a major illness, high medical expenses and nutrition costs will place a heavy burden on the family. Insurance experts suggest that when purchasing a child's insurance for a child, first consider accidental medical insurance and critical illness insurance. The former pays attention to the child's immediate risks, while the latter provides the child's long-term health protection. Once the major illness specified in the policy is confirmed, You can get a one-time premium paid by the insurance company. In addition, as the cost of living and education costs continue to rise, such as children's reserve of adequate education funds, it is also a topic of concern to parents. Education savings insurance is generally a dividend insurance that has both protection and savings functions. In the peak period of spending money, such as elementary school, junior high school, and university graduation, you will receive a sum of money to alleviate the family's economic pressure. At the same time, dividend insurance allows customers to share the operating results of insurance companies. Take the “Baby” insurance financial management plan as an example. The product integrates financial management, education gold reserve, death protection, premium exemption and cash dividends, and can be combined with various additional insurances to achieve financial planning and comprehensive planning. Personal protection. Insurance experts reminded that the education insurance is most suitable for insurance before the child 5, the earlier the insurance time, the more education money accumulated, the sooner the guarantee is in place.