Student Accident Insurance Claims and Related Information Gu

1. After the insurance is insured, the insured must report the case to the insurance company in time to inform the time, place, reason, passage, hospital, name, and telephone number of the injured person. Second, after receiving the report, the insurance company will conduct claims guidance and collect the materials needed for claims. 3. Materials required for claim: 1. Original and copy of policy voucher 2. Notice of payment of insurance premium (provided by insurance company, filled out and signed by insured) 3. List of insurance loss (provided by insurance company, signed by insured) 4. Reimbursement receipt (provided by the insurance company, signed by the insured) 5. Power of Attorney (provided by the insurance company, filled and signed by the insured) 6. Accident description (with official seal) 7. Medical expenses original Invoice 8, medical expenses settlement summary table 9, disease certificate, outpatient medical record, discharge summary 10, the identity certificate of the insured person 11, the identification of the beneficiary, the beneficiary and the certificate issued by the police station 12, such as the insured Due to accidents and natural disasters, the death sentence must be provided by the court. 13. Traffic accident liability certificate, compensation agreement, mediation book 14, local medical death certificate, local cremation certificate (original). Account cancellation certificate (original) 17, please mention the disability Degree of disability identification of diagnostic medical institutions designated by the insurer or the certificate issued by the judiciary