Online wealth management platform interest rates will gradua

Despite the A-share market, the P2P financial platform seems to be in a "difficult" position. Most people in the industry have indicated that the downward trend of P2P platform interest rates will not change. Most of the early P2P investors did come from investors. As early as last year, some investors have gradually diverted their shares from P2P to stocks. Li Zhenzheng, assistant general manager of micro-gold cooperation, was interviewed by reporters. However, he pointed out that P2P's current development method is more inclined to financial management than to stock-based investment. During the investment and financial selection period, investors who come in P2P actually Some choices have been made, and most people have cut the available assets into several pieces as a comprehensive investment. The stocks have indeed had a certain impact on the P2P's field size and interest rates, but the impact is not significant. P2P's customer base is not a shareholder, but a small-volume investment user who has a small amount of money and seeks a stable return. For some of these customers, blind shareholding is not the best choice for them. Therefore, in the short term, The development of the P2P field will indeed be slightly slowed down by the cattle, but the impact will be small. Whether it is from the perspective of the national support point of view or P2P itself, the potential of the P2P field is still very large, and the platform interest rate continues to decline. Carrying out the law. Recently, there are indeed many platforms that sigh to us that the stock has brought them a certain impact, but the impact is not big. Because of the stock and P Although 2P investors are mainly white-collar workers with economic strength, in fact, their policy of seeking income is completely different. The people who buy stocks want to earn 24% in one month instead of one year. 24%, but in the current P2P industry, investors are looking for a relatively stable and worry-free income. And the number of shares opened is close to 100 million, while online loans are only a million, so it does not constitute a competition. As the stocks are good, the amount of bank deposits will not be significantly reduced. Currently, the interest rate of some smaller P2P platforms can only cover the operating costs, and the unprofitted profit margin risk is now followed by the P2P industry. The phenomenon of deposit relocation has become fiercer and the interest rate will continue to decline. In the short term, there will be an impact, but from a long-term perspective, the market share of network investment and wealth management will continue to increase. For example, Lu Jin has already cut interest rates twice. However, this does not affect its continued popularity. Today's investors are becoming more sophisticated, and the expectations of repayment of funds are also divided into many levels. As a result, many investors are still Fixed-income returns will not put funds in the same basket. And online lenders are also increasing. Many third- and fourth-tier cities lack the low-end and low-end crowds of investment platforms. Even if it is less than 10%, they are still attractive. The P2P interest rate continues to decline. This is the trend. He even pointed out that for a long time, P2P rewards investors with unlimited bank interest rates. Of course, This also takes a long time.