University Physical Education Preferred Mobile App

Recently, there was a set of data that shocked Xiaobian. According to the 2015 University Physical Health Report, more than 35% of students have tried Internet finance in the past year, and the university students have surrendered the Internet financial year of 10.69 million. Among the individuals, there are more than 10,000 students, and the financial management of the past year is over 4,000. However, some students lived in the first half of the month as "rich men" and the second half of the month was "negative". At the beginning of the school, the parents gave a one-semester living expenses, and in the arms, they returned to the school with “big money”, paying fees, shopping... After some tossing, the wallet collapsed. For college students who have not yet learned how to make money, how to rationally allocate and keep “a little wealth” given by parents, and achieve a little growth? How can we achieve more than 4000 financial year? According to risk and flow Sex and other characteristics, Xiaobian compiled the following four ways. 1. “Class 0 class”. App meteorite zone, crowdfunding products. Risk: ★ Mobility: ★★★★★ College students generally have about 1,000 or 10,000 yuan of funds, and generally require flexible time-outs, low risk, and considerable profits. The App's meteorite zone locks thousands of wealth management, crowdfunding stocks are risked by traders, and investors enjoy guaranteed bottom income plus floating income. The time period is short, 5 days, 10 days, 15 days, 20 days. For college students, the time for money management is more flexible, the capital turnover is higher, and it is more important that the trader risks the risk of crowdfunding stocks. The benefits are like having a big white to help you make money. 2. "Primary class." Bank savings, waste rock, and balance treasure products. Risk: ★ Mobility: ★★★★★ Most college students who have not yet set foot in the society have no financial management concepts. Bank savings are short-term for 3 months, half a year, and 1 year. The storage period is long and the liquidity is poor. The income is generally lower than that of the baby. Products, obviously the existence of banks is not a good choice. After several interest rate cuts, bank interest deposits have less interest. However, with the increase of mobile APP financial platform, the "baby" product revenue is far better than the bank's regular savings, such as Yu Bao, "salary treasure" and so on. The yield of such products is generally a few cents a day. Although it is very convenient to transfer in and out, it can be used in real time, but the income is not as good as before. However, taking the proceeds of the App's rocky area “Tianli Treasures” [T+5] and [T+10] as examples, the babies are weak. If the meteorite zone is quickly transferred after the 5-day product cycle, it will be available within 2 hours, which is especially suitable for college students to store thousands or 10,000 yuan. 3. “Intermediate class”. The fund is scheduled to vote. Risk: ★★ Mobility: ★★★★ The fund is scheduled to be deducted for the monthly debit time and amount, and automatically deducted from the designated account on a regular basis to purchase funds. The fund's fixed investment is a long-term investment method. The monthly fixed investment amount can be as low as 100. For most students who do not have time to study the field and do not have enough investment, the fund's fixed investment is very suitable. Generally, college graduates who have not graduated have weaker risk tolerance, but choosing a fund to vote can balance costs and reduce risks. Of course, not all funds are suitable for fixed investment. According to the fluctuations and returns of the fund, stock funds, hybrid funds and index funds are most suitable for fixed investment. In addition, the fund's fixed investment is also a way of compulsory deposits. For those who spend unrestrained students, this trick will be more useful. If there is no fixed group of college students, it is money to spend less. If you can permanently deposit 500-1000 from a limited living allowance, it is also a way to cultivate good financial management habits. 4. "Advanced class." Asset allocation. Risk: ★★★ Mobility: ★★★★ For students who are graduating, if they have a certain understanding of financial management and have accumulated some investment experience, it is more appropriate to choose financial management for investment. Financial management is an esoteric subject. If you don't have much investment experience, it is easy to follow suit blindly. After all, students focus on learning, and they are not recommended to spend time on selecting platforms and matching assets. Then, let such professional things be done to professional people.