Practical investment tips for internet banking

If you have a spare cash in your hand now, what will you do? Some people will say that I want to buy a house. However, I don’t have so much free money, only 10,000. How do you choose this 10,000 yuan? Many people will choose to save the money, but how to save a real knowledge, conservative people will exist in the bank, radical people will choose stock gambling, I believe that some people will choose the relatively moderate Internet financial management. Method as your own financial choice. It is better to say that it is relatively neutral compared to its moderate Internet financial management. It has certain benefits, but it does not have the same investment and financial risk as stocks. But as long as it is an investment and wealth management project, there will be risks in itself. Nothing in this world can be 100% safe. Some people think that Yu'ebao has never had any risks, so he is 100% safe. In fact, the fact is not the case, but the risk is too low, it has not happened. However, if there is a fund company failure, Yu's investment and financial management will still have a wind. Let's talk about Internet finance, the latest investment and financial management. Its risks are mainly reflected in two aspects, one is the target and the other is the platform. For these two risks, as long as we can carefully review every item that needs to be investigated when investing in financial management, the risk is not impossible to avoid. Once subjectively far from risk, this kind of investment and financial management can be said to be infinitely close to zero risk. Speaking of the word zero risk, we have heard that the higher the return, the greater the risk. If you don't choose investment products that are too profitable, can I stay away from the risks? I believe that there are not many people who have such ideas. But the fact is not the case. The income of Internet wealth management will generally remain between 8% and 18%. If it is too high, it will belong to the platform to lose money in the market. It is basically unable to make ends meet. The platform is difficult to sustain, but if it is too low, Less than 8% of this situation can basically indicate that the operating status of this platform is no longer good, and even the capital chain has already had certain problems. Only by reducing the income of investment and wealth management users to maintain the normal operation of the platform.