How to invest in financial management in 2016

Some time ago, there was a rare continuous downward trend in the currency, which raised concerns about the depreciation of the currency. Although it is too early to judge the future trend of the currency from the current situation, it is unpredictable to know the relevant knowledge, which will definitely benefit your future financial management. The value of foreign currency wealth management is now considered by some experts. The depreciation of the currency should be only a short-term adjustment. The possibility of continued depreciation is not great. For those investors who already have some experience in foreign exchange operations, experts recommend the selection of band operations. At present, there are still many trading instruments, such as the introduction of foreign exchange margin trading and foreign exchange option trading, which is very attractive to investors. It is worth mentioning that, assuming that the currency enters the depreciation channel, the investment value of foreign currency wealth management products will be highlighted. Judging from the current situation, foreign currency wealth management products with a yield of less than 3% last year have recently risen to more than 5%. In particular, the highest rate of return on products like Aussie has reached 5.2%. The price of gold has returned to the bulls. The price of gold has continued to strengthen. For the aunt, it is a great relief. The current target for gold is set at around 1400 US dollars per ounce. If it is intended to invest in gold for a long time, it is recommended to buy on dips. But for those short-term investors, it is better to fast-forward and fast-forward. In terms of physical gold, experts said that the central bank recently announced the 2014 precious metal project issuance plan. A total of 10 projects, 58 varieties, of which gold and silver coins respectively 29 varieties. Compared with 2013, this year's project issuance plan has been expanded, but the circulation of many varieties has been significantly reduced. The market participants said that the circulation is reduced, which is good for the field and collectors. The continued decline in the currency will have a relatively large impact on the refined oil field. First, the depreciation of the currency means an increase in the cost of imports, so for some oil-based companies that are mainly import-oriented, the cost will increase and the price of the product will also increase. Correspondingly, the decline in the currency will also boost the price of gasoline and diesel produced locally. Should rise, so the entire oilfield will be supported. For ordinary investors, although there are not many channels for direct investment in futures, and the risks are large, but through indirect investment through various means, especially structured wealth management products. Wealth management products are suitable for discretionary customers, and it is generally recommended to carry out 10% asset allocation, that is, only 10% of assets are purchased to purchase gold-linked wealth management products. It is also recommended that investors consider the unilateral touch type and interval during the period. Cumulative gold wealth management products. The income conditions of these two types of products are judged by the performance of commodity prices throughout the observation period, not only the price at the time of the maturity date, but the actual income may be greater than the end-of-term bullish or bearish products.