Annual salary of 100,000

[Financial Cases] Xiao Zhang is 27 years old and graduated from university for four years. Currently, there is no car, no room, no girlfriend, and it is a typical "three nos" youth. People send the nickname "Zhang Sanwu". After graduating, Xiao Zhang worked in a state-owned enterprise with an annual salary of about 100,000. In a few years, he also had some savings. However, Xiao Zhang is a very casual big boy. He usually has little concern about finance. The handling of it is to save it in the bank. In the past two years, parents have urged his marriage more frequently, and Xiao Zhang feels that he should become a family. Taking into account his own "three nos" status, Xiao Zhang believes that in addition to wages, he should do some investment to get extra money like everyone else. However, since he usually pays little attention to information on investment and financial management, he does not know where to start. Therefore, he has followed the advice of his friends and came to the well-known third-party financial institution Jiafeng Reid for investment and financial management. He hopes that the financial planner can serve him. Plan a personal finance plan that suits his or her own financial situation. [Financial Goals] 1. Develop a personal financial plan suitable for your financial situation; 2. Benefit from investment, so that wealth can be preserved and value-added. [Financial Analysis] After communicating with Xiao Zhang, Jiafeng Ruide Financial Planner started from the four aspects of family structure, asset status, income and expenditure status, risk preference, etc., and scientifically organized Xiao Zhang’s financial status: As can be seen from the table, Xiao Zhang’s parents have formal jobs. Therefore, his support pressure is not great, and he is in a single period. The family’s financial burden is small, and high-risk investment activities can be appropriately carried out. At the same time, from the status of his assets and the status quo of income and expenditure, Xiao Zhang's utilization rate is low. There is no other investment and wealth management activities other than deposits, and the channel is single, and there is an urgent need to open up additional channels. [Financial advice] According to the above table analysis, Jiafeng Ruide financial planner proposed the following financial advice for Xiao Zhang: 1. Quantitative financial management must have a goal, and this goal must not be a vague direction. It should be quantitative and specific. For example, it is necessary to invest 50,000 yuan in 2 years, buy a mid-range car within 1 year, buy a house within 5 years, and so on. In the conversation with Xiao Zhang, Jiafeng Ruide financial planner found that Xiao Zhang’s financial management goal was indeed a general request for financial planners to develop a personal financial plan and investment for him. Financial advice. Therefore, the financial planner suggested that the most important thing for Xiao Zhang is to set quantitative and specific financial goals for himself. In this way, the funding arrangement will be more targeted and can be rationally planned according to time and risk. 2, to stay in the living reserve. Whether it is personal financial management or family financial management, there is a prerequisite, that is, to reserve enough money to protect normal life. Only by doing this preparation, individuals and families can have no worries about investing and managing financial activities. Generally speaking, the reserve amount of the living reserve is 3-6 months of living expenses for individuals and families. In terms of the income and expenditure of Xiao Zhang, it is necessary to prepare about 15,000. This fund is used as emergency fund reserve and has high liquidity requirements. Therefore, Jiafeng Ruide Financial Planner suggests that the funds can be placed in products such as banks or Yu'ebao, and can also apply for credit cards. The credit line is supplemented by temporary emergency funds. 3. Optimize asset allocation As can be seen from the above table analysis, in addition to bank savings, Xiao Zhang has no other investment, the utilization rate is quite low, and the channel is single, and there is an urgent need to open up additional channels. At present, Xiao Zhang’s family has a small economic burden and high availability of funds. Therefore, Jiafeng Ruide financial planner believes that in order to meet the demand for buying a house and buying a car in the next few years, Xiao Zhang needs to use his funds more reasonably for investment and wealth management activities. It is recommended to adopt a combination of high and low risk investment methods. In addition to purchasing fixed income wealth management products such as the stable profit fund, it is also possible to conduct high-risk investment activities such as stock trading. Money is dead and people are alive. As long as you are willing to work hard, there is no money that you can't earn, and there is nothing you can't do. Jiafeng Ruide financial planner believes that it doesn't matter if there is no car or room. The key is that you can't be motivated. Therefore, the "three no" youths must not be discouraged and hard work is what you should do.