How big is the risk of p2p wealth management products, you k

Recently, many p2p online lending platforms have launched various types of current wealth management products. The yield of such wealth management products can reach an annualized interest rate of 7%-9%, far exceeding the current rate of return of baby products. So, what are the risks of these wealth management products? The risk of p2p wealth management products is of course there. Why do you say this? There are two ways to implement P2P current financing. First, in cooperation with fund companies to conduct monetary fund business docking, the risk is relatively low, and the safety of products depends on the comprehensive strength of the platform. The establishment of a long time, the good platform of good credit, of course, the probability of problems is relatively low, if it is a small platform, there may be problems. The risk of p2p wealth management products is uncertain. Most of the current wealth management products are treated as ordinary wealth management products. In other words, investors are not aware of the ultimate use of investment funds. In the current industry of P2P barbaric growth, it is difficult to judge whether it is a pool of funds, at least there is suspicion of a pool of funds. The biggest difference between P2P current wealth management and Yu'ebao is that the essence of Yubao is the money fund, which is invested in bank deposits, national debts, central bank bills, etc. These assets are very low risk and extremely liquid. This means that the risk of p2p wealth management products is much greater than the balance treasure. In particular, the current P2P current wealth management is not as good as the balance treasure in terms of cash withdrawal rate, and some products are real-time accounts. The hidden fund pool risk behind this should not be underestimated. Investors need to understand how to deal with the risks of p2p wealth management products, such as learning to explore the platform before choosing a platform investment; learning to collect information and seeking formal legal channels as a means of protection when encountering difficulties in platform extraction or running . Then, what should investors pay attention to regarding the risk of p2p wealth management products? Although the current wealth management products have high returns and can be withdrawn at any time, the risks also exist. Investors should not be too greedy for high returns and ignore risks.