Whether the bank's wealth management products can be redeeme

At present, most of the wealth management products issued by banks cannot be redeemed in advance. Therefore, such products are less liquid. However, with the increasingly fierce competition in the financial market, some banks have introduced some wealth management products that can be redeemed in advance in order to improve product liquidity. Take the bank's extraordinary wealth management foreign exchange 16 products as an example. This is an expired capital-guaranteed product with an investment period of 6 years. Investors can apply for redemption every quarter after holding one year. The product has a interest rate in July 2006 and can be redeemed early in July 2007. The redemption rate is declining with the holding time. The redemption rate for holding 12-21 months is 2.8%; it is 2.1% for 24-33 months; 1.4% for 36-45 months; 0.7% for 48-57 months; holding 60% The redemption rate is 0 after the month. In addition to the redemption fee, the bank will no longer promise to protect the original for customers who redeem early. Of course, the early redemption of some banks' wealth management products is a minority. For example, most of the bank's wealth management products are due to be redeemed. This is mainly based on the investment objectives of wealth management products. For example, in the past, trust-based wealth management products, it is difficult to redeem funds after entering large projects, but considering the liquidity requirements of investors, such product investment time will be relatively short. At present, the 'new stock subscription' wealth management products just launched by CCB can be purchased and redeemed on a fixed open day every quarter. The investment income is liquidated according to the investment income ratio of this period, compared with bank time deposits, traditional bank wealth management products and Products such as high-yield bonds are more liquid, and can meet the dual needs of customers' short-term idle funds for financial value-added and liquidity. It can be said that when the bank develops new products in the future, the demand for liquidity of investors in product design will be considered more comprehensively. When purchasing wealth management products, financial managers often only emphasize the benefits and security, but rarely prompt customers to not allow early redemption, or redeem the fact that the loss will be paid in advance. According to relevant reporters, it is basically an "impossible task" for bank wealth management products to redeem in advance, unless the investor loses part of the principal. Even if it is an open-end wealth management product, it will meet the redemption peak at the end of the year and the end of the half year; before the National Day and the Spring Festival holiday, the bank will suspend the redemption application on the grounds that the redemption of funds on the day reaches 10% or 15%. Compared with banks, no matter how much money the individual customers are vulnerable. Many bank wealth management product purchase contracts contain instructions that “the bank has the right to terminate the wealth management products in advance”, but the investors have no right to redeem them in advance. Therefore, customers with capital needs must not use all their funds to purchase long-term wealth management products, preferably in length and length to ensure liquidity.