Children and young people pay attention to accident insuranc

Insurance tips, accidental injuries are caused by physical damage, affecting normal activities, need to be healed or cared for, including traffic accidents, burns, drowning, drowning and violent injuries. Studies have shown that accidental injury is one of the top five causes of death, both in the development and in developed countries, and the number of years of potential life lost to injury is the leading cause of death. Children and young people, statistics in recent years have shown that infectious diseases and malnourished diseases are no longer the main cause of child deaths from 0 to 14 years, and accidental injuries have occupied the first place. A student's emergency injury tracking survey showed that students' accidental injuries mainly occurred in roads, streets, ponds, schools, etc., mainly due to drowning, falling and traffic accidents. If you only have a small body injury due to an accident, you can solve it by simply dressing up and taking a little medicine. You don't have to worry too much about this kind of risk. However, if the consequences of accidental injury are serious, you need hospitalization. It costs a lot, and may even be a lifelong disability, causing serious harm to society, families and children. The risk is inevitable, but the purchase of some insurance-type insurance products for children can reduce the risk to a certain extent. Therefore, in order to avoid accidents such as car accidents, parents can purchase accident insurance for their children at their discretion, so that once the child has an accident, he can get certain financial compensation. Although some people think that the world is so big, there are so many accidents, even if there is an accident, it is not necessarily their turn to be with their families. This is a kind of luck. The probability of an accident is indeed low, but no one can guarantee that it will not happen to you and your family, when and where it will happen. It is precisely because of the uncertainty of the accident that we should provide a necessary guarantee for ourselves and our families. Since we cannot completely prevent these accidents, we only want to minimize the losses caused by these accidents. That is to say, in the event of these unfortunate accidents, we can have a considerable amount of money to protect our future life. Young people, the newcomers in the workplace who have just stepped into the society are ahead of their time, spending money on personal "standard equipment" such as mobile phones, computers, MP3s, etc., but often overlooking a more important "equipment" - insurance. As everyone knows, once an young person encounters an accident, the situation may be worse than that of a middle-aged person or an elderly person. Because they are less than 30, they are often eager to buy a house and buy a car. They are responsible for two types of loans, and they need a lot of money to prepare for marriage. The ability to resist risks is weak, and in the event of an accident, it may face the consequences of bankruptcy. It can be seen that young people should be covered by accidental injury insurance, and accidental medical care must be added when purchasing accident insurance. Because young people usually have more activities and are more likely to be injured, accidental medical treatment can help them in outpatient emergency. At the same time, it is recommended that young people should consider the impact of severe disability on future losses and their lives when determining the amount of accident insurance. In this way, parents or their families can be provided with a fund or basic living expenses in the event of an accident or death from illness. Middle-aged people, people to middle age, years of hard work, relatively stable, most of the work has been finalized, have a certain economic foundation, shoulder responsibility, and play a role in the family, need to support parents, raise children And most of the children are going to school. As the head of the family, it is most appropriate to reduce the risk of family and purchase high-value low-income and high-security accident insurance. For middle-aged people, the most common accidental injury insurance is mainly aircraft passenger accident insurance, which is generally sold at the airport. In addition to aircraft passenger accident insurance, there is general vehicle accident insurance. Many people are accustomed to buying accident insurance every time they travel or travel. In fact, they have a long-term accident insurance, which can not only obtain accident protection when they travel, but also can claim compensation from insurance companies in their daily life. The rate is relatively lower than the short-term accident insurance purchased separately. In the elderly, a statistic shows that in older people over 60, osteoporosis is present, 54.6% for men and 61.8% for women. Epidemiology shows that the incidence of fractures in urban elderly women is as high as 19.6% and that in males is 12.4%. Due to the inconvenience of the legs and feet, the elderly group is more likely to suffer accidental injuries than other age groups, especially traffic accidents, accidental falls, fires, etc., and the damage to the elderly is more serious. Old-age accident insurance is generally aimed at the elderly with high disability caused by accidental injuries, fractures in accordance with the degree of compensation, joint dislocation, burns, major surgery, etc. It has the characteristics of low premium and high personal security. Take a company accident insurance as an example. The premium for 10,000 insured amount is 25, and if you have an accident due to transportation, you can get double pay. The insurance itself also contains a high-income allowance, which can be said to be a small purchase to buy a big guarantee. Therefore, it is very necessary for the elderly to purchase accidental injury insurance. Filial sons and daughters can exchange health care products purchased by their parents for insurance and buy some accident insurance for the elderly. In this way, not only can the filial piety of the elderly be reflected, but also the economic pressure on the elderly and the children themselves can be greatly alleviated in the event of misfortune.