Six financial concepts teach you how to manage your finances

First, being diligent and holding a family is not as good as earning money. In the past, we often say that we can't afford to eat, we can't count on it, we can't count on the poor, but nowadays society is constantly improving, living standards are improving day by day, and the old concept of diligent housekeeping and hard work is outdated. . Being able to earn will gradually become the most popular new concept of financial management. Everyone can use their personal strengths to do business or seek part-time jobs, and open up financial resources. After earning money, they will take care of themselves and actively use them for consumption, so as to enjoy the fun of making money and consumption. Second, the couple AA system AA system refers to a new family economic model; there are roughly two forms: one is that the husband and wife pay a part of the monthly money as family public funds, paying rent, utilities and other common household expenses, and the rest are each Management; the other is that the expenses such as hospitality, shopping, and fares are all paid separately, and only on the large expenditures such as mortgages and investments. This kind of financial management can exert personal strengths and diversify the risk of family investment. At the same time, the financial independence of both husband and wife also helps to reduce conflicts and promote family harmony. Third, such as making money in the world, not only a blessing, but also earned money. Therefore, financial management should put safety at an important position. From home to the door, from adults to children, from electricity to fire, from cycling to walking... should be safe to prevent. Bicycles, water heaters, pressure cookers, and electric wires should be replaced in time if they are found to be damaged, obsolete, or overdue, and cannot be saved in order to save money. Fourth, relying on health and saving money Although people continue to increase, but still can not keep up with the cost of hospitalization, the cost of hospitalization has risen rapidly. There is a saying that health is a blessing. As long as you are healthy, you will naturally save a lot of money. People's health concept should be gradually changed. If you don't know how to save your body and save, you will not be willing to spend anything. You will undoubtedly step into a misunderstanding of greed and loss. Part of the cost should be invested in traveling, purchasing fitness equipment, and eating properly. Reducing the chance of hospitalization for illness is actually a kind of scientific financial management. Make more investment in health, only health is the biggest savings. V. Don't be greedy for money, don't break money. There are a lot of scammers in the society. There are scammers in the life to find the door. The reason why the scammers can succeed repeatedly is nothing more than a variety of tempting scorpions. The reason why many people are deceived is nothing but a kind of cheap psychology. In fact, there is no pie in the sky, there is no free lunch in the world, this is the common sense that should be understood. As long as we do not embrace the cheap and thoughtful mind, and always be vigilant about the temptation of the outside world, naturally we will not be deceived, and not breaking the bank is actually a successful financial management. 6. Put money into your head. Spend all your work in buying books and participating in various trainings. Knowledge is wealth, and this statement is not false. When you spend money on a brand name when you are young, you should put it in your head and learn more about financial management to develop good financial habits.