Three loan methods can solve the problem of starting capital

In the case of increasing employment pressure, many people join the self-employed team. Entrepreneurship seems to be a very simple thing, it is actually very bitter to do, especially in the absence of capital turnover, but in this case, you can apply for a loan, and now recommend three types of loans for everyone. 1. Small-sum secured loans The small-guaranteed loans are supported by qualified urban registered unemployed persons, college graduates, urban women, employees with employment difficulties, and labor-intensive small enterprises who have entrepreneurial willingness but lack funds. It is reported that the amount of small-sum secured loans can be up to 100,000, and the interest period is two years. If you want to apply for this loan, you must first apply to the local labor and social security department, then implement the guarantee, and then the bank will review and issue the loan. 2. Entrepreneurship loans Those who want to apply for a startup loan can apply to the bank or the loan company. However, the application must provide the business license, business license, business place certificate, residence certificate, identity certificate and other information issued by the management department, and have the ability to repay the principal and interest of the loan on time, and must have certain self-owned funds. 3. Mortgage loans If entrepreneurs need more working capital, in the case of collateral under the name, they may consider applying for a mortgage. At present, there are two most common mortgage methods: one is a mortgage, and the other is a car mortgage. Among them, the former can be handled in banks and non-bank financial institutions; the latter can only be handled in non-bank financial institutions, banks do not accept this loan. In addition, compared with auto mortgage loans, mortgage loans are not only high, but also long-term, which can effectively alleviate the borrower's financial pressure.