College student loans "in fact, it is a usury"

Since the beginning of this year, many college students have found such “fascinating” loan advertisements on campus, WeChat circle of friends, QQ group and forums. The credit field of college students is hidden. Yesterday, the reporter searched online for “loan companies” and the results showed 380,000. Many companies have "no formalities" in the eye-catching position, and some scrolling information on the webpage shows how many people have applied successfully. Most people know that whether it is a credit card or an online lending company, the result of overdue repayment is the same: affecting credit history, collecting interest and late fees, and suing more than a certain amount. In order to prevent college students from carrying heavy debts during their studies, the central bank issued regulations in 2009 that banks are not allowed to issue credit cards with overdrafts of more than 1,000 for college students. After the credit card of college students withdrew from the campus, Internet finance began to seize this site. In many colleges and universities, the advertisements for credit loans for college students were overwhelming, but behind the prosperity of college students' credit loans, the risks were highlighted. “Easy to lend” is actually “usury loan”. The reporters have three lending companies and found that they have no physical office facades, and they are not sure whether the company is there. Their loan amount for college students is not high, both of them are within 5,000, one can borrow up to 20,000, and the loan time ranges from one month to three years. According to a small advertisement on campus, the reporter contacted a manager who is responsible for the campus loan business. He introduced that they are currently carrying out micro-credit business for colleges and universities in the scope, and have done more than one year and successfully handled too many businesses. College students have better credit and timely repayment. Luo Tanyan said that their lending business is a private business, without the cumbersome procedures of the bank, without any mortgage and approval, just take a photo of the borrower, then take a copy of the student ID, sign the loan agreement and install the repayment agreement. Yes. Repayment is the monthly principal installment plus interest. The interest is also different according to the loan amount and time. The daily interest rate is 1%, the weekly interest rate is 5%, and the monthly interest rate is 25%. If the loan is deliberately defaulted, the website will be contractually agreed. The late payment fee is charged, which is about 1% of the total amount of non-payment, and this late payment is calculated in days. In the face of doubts, Manager Luo is a little vigilant. He only said one sentence: "This kind of thing is very rare. Besides, there are people in our school who help to collect the money." The reporter inquired that Luo said There are some people in the school, but they are part-time students recruited by lending companies. These students are generally seniors, responsible for contacting the business, and are also responsible for collecting loans. If necessary, they need to provide the borrower with the borrower’s parents or counselors. Why do credit companies become university students' college students become the "Tang Yu meat" of Internet credit company? Chen Fei, manager of the consumer loan operation department of Yafei Microfinance Co., Ltd., analyzes the total amount of students, there are nearly 1.2 million college students, and there are "new" every year. The blood is replaced. Secondly, from the consumption habits, the older generation has saved their lives for a lifetime, saving money for their children, and now the post-90s college students’ consumption concept has changed, and they are good at propensity. Anyway, parents have backed up, and lenders have identified that they will not Easy to drop out of school, people can't run, and it's safer to put money. Finally, from the perspective of revenue, these platforms are essentially Internet usury loans, loan interest rates are rarely less than 20%, and these platforms have taken a loophole: the lower the debt ratio, the less sensitive the interest rate. To put it simply, borrow 100 from you today and 110 for tomorrow. The interest rate is as high as 3600% per year, but you don't feel the pressure to repay. In the interview, another lender, Zhang, said that targeting college students' loan homes is also a favorite among some students. They are more eager to compare with some emerging electronic devices and brand products.