What are the restrictions on the job of the lender when appl

If you compare a bank loan product to a balance, do you know what needs to be placed on both ends of the balance to ensure balance? The answer is simple. One of these two things is personal credit and the other is work. Personal credit has a credit report for reference. When the loan is applied, how does the bank judge whether your work meets the requirements? I: Professional nature Although the work is not high or low, the bank will use this as the approved standard. If your career is good and the nature is stable, you can get a very big bonus. Some professions such as civil servants, teachers, doctors, state-owned enterprises, employees of institutions, and Fortune 500 employees are among their quality customers. But other professions are not so popular in the eyes of bank lenders, such as salespeople, high-risk occupations, real estate agents, freelancers, etc., and will be refused loans with a high probability. Let's take a closer look at the reasons: all banks are considering risk control. Second: wages flow Can the loan be successful? How much can the loan amount be approved? This is inseparable from the wage flow. As the most important hardware indicator. You need to figure out two questions. The first question, whether the form of payroll is a punch card, if your monthly salary is cash, it will be greatly discounted. The second question is whether the punch pay is in line with the loan. Requirement, for example, the credit card of China Merchants Bank requires a monthly wage of more than 5,000. Below this standard, it will be difficult to apply for this product. Three: On-time time Even if you work in a Fortune 500 unit, the time of entry is one of the important factors for banks to consider. Generally speaking, the bank's requirement for entry time is more than 6 months, and the minimum requirement is at least 3 months. Because the bank can determine the stability of your work from the time of entry, the longer the entry time, the higher the stability, the more reassuring the bank approves. This rule is extremely inconvenient for newcomers and those who have just changed jobs. Therefore, Xiaorong also reminds netizens that if there is a loan demand in the near future, it is necessary to be cautious when migrating. IV: Social security, provident fund deposits Some loan products will also have certain requirements for social security and provident fund. Generally speaking, personal credit loans need to provide 6 months or 1 year of deposit details. The larger the loan amount, the greater the amount of money required for social security and provident fund deposit.