Short-term financial management fund PK bank wealth manageme

As we all know, the most important thing about financial management is the long-term flow of water and stable income. But for ordinary investors, it is still difficult to achieve stable returns. It may be quoted from Wall Street's words: "It is more difficult to accurately step on the spot than to catch a flying knife in the air." Is this not? Said to keep our ordinary investors out of the financial management door? Or in the face of today's economic situation and complicated financial products, how should we choose? You can choose a fund with a lazy financial management, so By adopting the batch buy method, it overcomes the shortcomings of choosing only one time to enter and play, and can balance the cost and make itself invincible in the investment. At the same time, it is pointed out that when selecting funds, investors can invest in mature funds, that is, funds that have been established for more than one year. Such funds can refer to historical performance and investment is more based. Specifically, you can consider the financing of the GEM to make a fixed investment. The starting point of the fund's fixed investment is 100. The starting point of the fixed investment is relatively low. The investment does not increase the burden of living, and it can achieve both investment and life. In addition, the issue of the benefits and risks of bank wealth management products that investors care about. Experts said: Bank wealth management products are classified into risk levels. While expecting high returns, the risk index that investors must bear will rise accordingly. However, for bank-guaranteed income-income products, although the income is relatively low, there is basically no risk, and the principal and income are usually honored at maturity unless systemic risk occurs. Expert investors can consider investing in money funds and short-term wealth management products. Money-based funds with the characteristics of “quasi-savings” are specifically invested in currency instruments with low risk. The advantages of other funds are that they have high security, good liquidity and stable income (about 4%-5%). between). For example, Boss cash income is more suitable for investors who like money funds. At the same time, the short-term financial fund is also a good investment choice. It is a kind of fund similar to bank financing. It has 7 days, 14 days or different closure periods. The overall income will be slightly higher than the money fund. For example, E Fund's double-monthly wealth management bond A is more suitable for investors who like short-term financial funds.