Graduates can apply for a small secured loan with a maximum

You can apply for a small-guaranteed loan, and you can borrow up to 3 million college students to support entrepreneurship, including college students who are self-employed in the scope of the university and graduates of colleges and universities within 5 years after graduation. High-tech projects can be appropriately relaxed, up to the maximum. Graduated for 10 years. Undergraduate entrepreneurship can apply for small-sum secured loans, which are divided into low-profit project loans and labor-intensive small business loans. Micro-profit project loans: University students can apply for small-sum secured loans with a maximum amount of 100,000 yuan. According to the principle of paying first and then paying off, the government gives full discounts. Except for various business operations such as trade, service, production and processing, and breeding, which are restricted by the state (construction, entertainment, advertising, sauna, massage, Internet cafes, etc.). Labor-intensive small enterprises: When college students start businesses, when new recruits account for more than 30% of the total number of employees, they can apply for small-sum secured loans up to 3 million. The financial interest rate is 50% according to the loan benchmark interest rate. A variety of entrepreneurial subsidies are available for college students to start a business, and various types of entrepreneurship subsidies are also available One-time entrepreneurship subsidy: Entrepreneurial college students who have obtained their business license for the first time and have been operating for more than one year will receive a one-time entrepreneurship subsidy of 1,000-3,000. One-time start-up job development subsidy: When a university student starts a business, absorbs the employment of ordinary laborers, and signs a labor contract or social insurance with him for more than one year, the one-off job development subsidy will be given according to the actual number of job creations. The subsidy standard is 500 posts. Social insurance and post subsidies: University students start businesses, receive employment difficulties, and sign labor contracts and social insurance with them for more than one year. Within three years, they will provide pension, medical care according to the average salary of 40% of the employees in the province last year. Four social insurance subsidies and job subsidies for unemployment and work-related injuries. If a college student of a particularly difficult family starts a business and obtains a business license for the first time and has been operating for more than one year, and pays social insurance according to the regulations, I enjoy the same social insurance and post development subsidy for entrepreneurs to absorb employment difficulties. Lease subsidy for entrepreneurial establishments: If you rent a business premises, you can give a subsidy of 50% of the rental fee of the site according to the employment situation. The subsidy period is 2 years, and the maximum subsidy amount is not more than 10,000. The staff who can apply for admission to the Labor and Employment Office of the Pioneering Park and the Entrepreneurship Incubation Base introduces that “in addition to financial support for entrepreneurial loans and entrepreneurship subsidies, college students can also obtain free entrepreneurship training, business incubation, project promotion, etc. Support and help in material resources.” Free entrepreneurship training: Any graduate student with an entrepreneurial intention in the graduation year or registered for unemployment can participate in free entrepreneurship training organized by the employment service departments at all levels. Entrepreneurship incubation: College students can apply to enter the Pioneer Park and the business incubator base, enjoy 100% rent subsidy in the first year, 50% rent subsidy in the second year, and 30% rent subsidy in the third year. At present, there are 57 various types of entrepreneurial bases. This year, it is estimated to invest 1 billion yuan. There are 15 new (reconstructed and expanded) incubating bases in the whole area, with a total area of ​​more than 400,000 square meters, and more than 1,600 enterprises can be settled. Project promotion: At present, the company has reserved more than 1,000 various types of entrepreneurial projects, involving 18 industries including franchise chain, resident services, commercial catering, and patent technology, holding project promotion conferences, implementing entrepreneurship project manuals, entrepreneurship projects, and websites. Various ways to promote. College students who have the willingness to start a business can combine the project of the entrepreneurial project resource pool, comprehensively analyze and select the project suitable for the individual's actual project to start a business and improve the success rate of entrepreneurship.