It is not feasible for bank loans to be fraudulently obtaine

Recently, the Internet has spread a very wide range of "fake divorce can swindle 7 million real estate speculations" is very hot, but in fact, bank loans, will strictly evaluate the value of collateral, forging transaction prices to defraud bank loans is OK Nowhere. The paragraph is to the effect that the husband and wife have a suite, the husband writes the house only in the name of his wife, and then the couple divorced. Now the house price is 7 million. My husband asked his wife to sell 10 million houses to him, with a down payment of 3 million and a loan of 7 million. As a result, the couple got a 7 million loan from the bank with just one divorce certificate. And the proceeds from using this 7 million investment can just be used to pay back the mortgage. Suicidal success, such as house price diving, the husband will not repay the mortgage, let the bank confiscated the house, the couple successfully realized a high cash; if the house price continues to soar, the husband can put the house on the list to earn the difference. The responsibility for lending the risk of funds is entirely borne by the lender's bank. This kind of practice of taking over the bank loans and then using the loans to continue the real estate speculation is called the “ultimate model” for the first-tier real estate speculation. For banks, banks sometimes have a down payment ratio, but the formal internal bank language is LTV, which is the value of bank loans than collateral. When judging this value, it is to evaluate the value of mortgage real estate. Instead of saying it online, as long as you forge a transaction price, you can get the transaction price to make a loan. In addition, the bank has a policy called KYC. You must know your customer. The customer's down payment cannot be borrowed. You find another part of the money to say that this is a down payment, and the rest is borrowed. The whole loan and own capital. The proportion has actually changed, and the ability to repay in the future has actually changed. In the future, the monthly supply will not only pay the bank’s money, but also the first down payment. From a bank perspective, if you don't have enough knowledge of your customers, you also take on too much risk. From the perspective of internal bank management, there are also mistakes in operations. Anyone with financial knowledge knows that when a bank loan is made, a third-party evaluation agency will first be introduced to evaluate the actual value of the house itself, rather than directly referring to the house transaction price. Therefore, the premise of a house with a value of 7 million and a loan at a transaction price of 10 million is not established. At the same time, the bank's lenders will also compare the transaction price of the house with the transaction price of the house under the same conditions. The trick behind the ultra-high transaction price is not difficult to see.