Shouldn’t you find a small loan company to handle unsecured

Relatively “highly proud” banks, small loan companies have more affinity, but many people are hesitant to find small loan companies to handle unsecured loans, because they do not know “should not find a small loan company to handle loans”, If you are still struggling with this, you may wish to consider it carefully in the following aspects: Is your situation a “bank of law”? From the current point of view, bank unsecured loans generally require borrowers above 4000, as far as this is concerned. Let a lot of people regret it. However, the small loan company does not have such strict requirements for the borrower. For example, the regional Hengchang Huicheng elite loan requires the borrower to pay more than 2000 wages. The regional credit insurance requires the borrower to pay more than 2,500. Your situation can't enter the bank's "eyes", and small loan companies are your best choice. Can the bank provide wages for wages? The bank has always been cautious, and borrowers who apply for unsecured loans cannot obtain loans if they cannot provide the bank with wages. However, small loan companies tend to “open the net” and borrow money if they can provide their own water. Note: The so-called self-storing water is the bank's running water that is formed by the borrower depositing the same amount into the same account on a fixed date every month. Is personal credit “stained”? The bank’s unsecured loan has strict and strict personal credit requirements for the borrower, and even if there is only one overdue record, it may be rejected. Compared with banks, small loan companies are not so “demanding”, as long as the borrowers are not overdue (more than three consecutive overdue in the past two years or more than six overdue), and the personal qualifications are better, there is hope for winning. . However, it is precisely because the threshold of small loan companies is low, and there are some scam companies. Therefore, if you are looking for a small loan company to handle unsecured loans, you should pay attention to the following matters: 1. The small loan company that claims that “only the ID card can be used for loans” must be a liar. 2, regular small loan companies have a fixed place of business, contact information; 3, do not pay any fees before the loan; 4, the small loan company is too credible!