Talking about the theory of water cup in investment and fina

Said that the stubborn, lazy, Ma Daha and the spirit of the ghost four people, accompanied by a trip, lost in the desert. At this time, their water has already been drunk. Just as the four faced death threats, God gave them four cups and prayed for a rain. But one of the four cups has no bottom, and two of them also hold half a cup of dirty water. Only one cup is available for use. In this financial story, what the stubborn person gets is the good cup that can be used. But he is already desperate. Stubbornly believe that even if you drink water, you can't walk out of the desert. So when it rained, he turned the cup down and refused to take the water. In the financial story, what Ma Daha got was a cup without a bottom. Because he was too sloppy, he did not find his own cup defects. As a result, when it rained, a drop of water was not received. The lazy person in the financial story got a cup with dirty water, but he was too lazy to pour dirty water and continue to use it to pick up the water. Although it was quickly filled, he put the cup contaminated. After drinking the water, he got an emergency and soon died. The spirit ghost also got a cup filled with dirty water. He dumped the dirty water and regained a cup of clean rain. At the end of the financial story, only the spirits came out of the desert. This financial story contains not only the philosophy that "personality and wisdom determine survival." At the same time, it is also strikingly similar to some of the current people's investment financial concepts and methods. Has entered a personal financial era. Rejecting poverty and being a rich man have become the biggest pursuit of residents' financial management. But many people are just like the "stubborn people" in the financial story. I have identified a bank savings path and refused to accept a variety of new financial management methods. It is difficult for her financial income to resist the rise in prices. It has caused a certain depreciation of family wealth. Some people, like the financial story "Ma Daha", only know how to make money constantly, neglecting the scientific management of wealth, and ultimately, due to high-risk investment mistakes, the family wealth has shrunk, and even lost. Some are like the "lazy" in the financial story, although they pay attention to the new care, but they are too lazy to re-adjust some of the original bad financial methods, so that the potential risks are not excluded, and the result is improper. The financial management method has affected the overall financial management income. "Cup philosophy" tells us that stubbornness, laziness, and sloppy behavior in financial stories can only make you poorer. Actively learn from the "smart spirit" style of financial management in the financial story. Gradually change the concept of financial management and adjust and optimize the investment structure of the family. Let new rain water inject into your cup, and you will get closer and closer to the rich.