Simple four tricks to teach you to identify online loan liar

At present, online loans have become a mainstream loan method. It not only saves time for borrowers, but also avoids the trouble of going back and forth. However, although online loans are good, they must be cautious when lending, so now Xiaobian will give you everyone. Introduce how to identify online loan liar. 1. Check if there is a fixed business place and contact information. The formal loan company has a fixed business place and contact information, and the liar company generally only has one QQ number or one mobile phone number, so Xiaobian suggests that you find the favorite loan company. It is best to visit the door in person. 2. Check if there is a business license. After you find a loan company, you must check whether it has a business license. Regular loan companies can show business licenses. 3, the ID card loan alone is not credible Some loan companies claim that "only by ID card can get the loan", but this is credible? Of course not credible! You think about it: If someone borrows money from you, only give You show your ID card, will you lend money to him? Certainly not! Because you can't determine from the ID card whether he has the ability to repay in full and on time, the formal loan company considers the same problem as you, so see the claim It is best to detour a company that can only borrow money with an ID card. 4. Don't pay any fees before the loan. The formal loan company will not charge the borrower any fees (including interest) before the loan is issued. Therefore, if the loan company you choose charges before the loan, you should decide to make another decision. .