Where do college students invest in financial management?

I often hear that college students are super group. They don't have to think about the pressure of life. They don't have to think about employment for the time being. They just need to take care of themselves and graduate smoothly. The task of the university is completed. However, most college students do not have an economic source, mainly relying on their parents. In theory, college students only need to be meticulous, open source and thrifty, and accumulate wealth in small places, so that their lives can be made easier. So how do college students invest in financial management? 1. In the leisure time, do not live in the dormitory and run the bank. Many college students became unrelenting house children during school, 24K pure house. Students like this should spend more time visiting the bank and dealing with the bank. Since many college students really want to start their business with the bank, don't think that going to the bank is just a matter of taking money and saving money. Even a simple deposit can learn a lot of financial management. During the middle school period, the students all have independent accounts in the bank, but most of them are directly controlled by the parents. There is no rational understanding of saving money, withdrawing money, and calculating bank interest. 2. If your own funds are sufficient, you can try to suspend your investment. At such a young time, not stopping a little more trial is a big loss for yourself. At the time of investment, due to the lack of experience, Xiaobian advised college students to start with small investment and financial management. In addition to the work-study, college students often lose money, what is the meaning of investment and financial management, college students can actually try to suspend other investments. Especially for those college students who have a certain economic foundation, they can properly try to stop some real "investments" - such as stocks, P2P Internet and so on. Involving these investment areas is not in order to earn money. In more sense, it is a kind of "exercise". After "real combat", it can be a better astronomical solution to the investment field, and to stop investment accumulation experience and experience after entering the society in the future. . 3, do it yourself. The phrase “do it yourself, get enough food and drink” is mentioned by the older generation from time to time. This applies equally to college students’ investment and financial management. In today's society, making money with your own craft is a glorious thing. DIY is admired by most people. Earn a little living expenses by applying your own learning. For example, boys who learn computer can help others to assemble computers and repair computers to earn some living allowances. The ingenious girls go to buy expensive knots as ornaments or gifts, why not learn Do you write one yourself? 4. Learn to apply free resources around you. The student is also a relatively good profession, but he is a valuable resource. The identity of the student, the case of family investment and financial management means that the student can receive the knowledge taught by the teacher and the living expenses given by the parents. By fully applying student identity in life, you can enjoy many benefits. For example, the school library, for some less common reference books, it is more cost-effective to borrow from the school library instead of going to the bookstore. Financial investment scholars can enjoy a variety of discounts with their student ID cards, which will save a lot of money. After saving this money, they will cultivate their talents in investment and financial management. Before entering the society, he completed the "financial credits" and completed the academic and financial industry. College students investing in financial management is not an empty talk. He can indeed save a lot of money from his usual life. He can use this money to make a little investment and increase the principal. I am also able to exercise my financial management skills. I may spend the time before, but I will exercise my talents. This is a wealth that is bigger than making money.