Talking about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Three Basi

Generally, the most important thing when choosing family wealth management products is safety. Therefore, the most suitable financial products for family financial management are bank deposits, insurance, and national debt. Of course, the nature of some fund products is relatively high, but due to the variety of funds. Therefore, the general public's level of understanding is not very high. Here we are going to talk about the pros and cons of the above three family wealth management products. After all, there are certain advantages and disadvantages in no wealth management products. Bank deposits: The most conservative and most common way of managing money. However, since most people trust the bank and the bank is trustworthy, it will be considered the most reassuring to deposit the money in the bank. The biggest advantage of bank deposits is safety. Unless the bank goes bankrupt, it will not damage its principal. This is the advantage. As for the disadvantages, mainly reflected in the income, the bank's one-year regular rate of return has not exceeded 3%, how much can the income? Insurance: Insurance is a misunderstood wealth management product, the so-called misunderstanding is mainly because everyone feels Insurance is a scam, and some salesmen are more direct and rude, which is difficult for many people to accept. Of course, there are many salesmen in the society who are exaggerated and exaggerated, but insurance is indeed Family finance is indispensable, because the biggest advantage of insurance is the ability to avoid risks, but the disadvantage is that the risk is greater. For example, if you buy a car insurance or a serious illness, if your car is not damaged within the time limit, or if you are not seriously ill, then the premium will be gone. Treasury bonds: Treasury bonds are also relatively safe, but the returns are not very high, but compared to bank deposits, the returns are not bad, but the only drawback is that the liquidity is too bad. Therefore, in the process of family financial management, it is necessary to choose the appropriate financial management method according to the family economic attributes.