How white-collar workers work to manage their finances

This year's economy is not very prosperous. Maybe many companies are not doing very well, not to mention the company's employees. The salary increase is also very small, so how can we reduce the pressure of life and use the idle funds to get more in leisure time? The return, it is recommended that office workers can choose the current popular online loan investment and financial management, not only can you develop good consumption habits, but also increase, then how do white-collar workers invest in financial management? Before the emergence of online loans, I believe Many people will put their savings in the bank. For example, they will choose regular, how to invest in financial management, so that the annualized rate of return will be higher, but now it seems that this is not a good deal, but for conservative users. It's still worth doing. First of all, from the most obvious rate of return, the general p2p wealth management products have a conservative risk, and the benefits of wealth management products are around 8%, and some of the higher 12% are. The profitability of these wealth management products is in the whole p2p industry. In view of the above, the risks are all controllable. For example, the rate of return of more than 20% does not recommend investment. The profitability of such wealth management products is difficult to control and the risks are extremely high. The bank savings mentioned above is a relatively simple way of managing money. With the popularity of the Internet, people use their networks everywhere. Whether it is a computer or a mobile phone, it is very common. The dependence on the network and the usage rate are still relatively high. White-collar workers who use computers on weekdays are very convenient and easy to accept in operation. How do young people invest in financial management? In addition to daily expenses, the money saved is invested in online loan management products. The subsequent gains are still considerable. However, for the daily expenses and details of idle funds, it is best to make a record when using it, so that in the future, the advantage of learning investment and financial management is that where the money is used and where the investment is more obvious, analyze the expenses and investment money, Summarizing what is necessary and unnecessary is also good for next month's investment and financial management.