Forex trading classic star map analysis of the dawn star

A classic star map analysis of Forex trading. The K-line combination is not only applicable to stock exchanges, it can be applied to any kind of securities investment market. For the foreign exchange speculators, in addition to knowing the most basic foreign exchange knowledge, we must also master some technical analysis. Then, in foreign exchange trading, multiple K-line combinations generally include four forms: rising, falling, rising, and turning. The star map analysis to be taken in this paper is the combination form of the dawn star in the approach form in the K-line theory. For the analysis of stock technical indicators, the common use of stocks is the K-line chart and the average line form. What is the K-line form of Dawn Star in Forex trading? In the middle of the session, the Star of Dawn indicates that the previous round of bears is coming to an end, and the exchange will reverse the typical K-line combination. Using the judgment of Dawn Star, not only can investors help to judge whether the exchange rate is the last drop, but also help us find the ideal price for short appearances and long positions. So, what are the characteristics of the Dawn Star? The appearance of the Dawn Star has typical characteristics: Feature 1. After the market crashes, the exchange rate continues to fall, and there is panic selling, which is shown on the K-line chart. It is to get rid of a big Yinxian. Feature 2, the second big K-line chart continues to jump down, but the decline converges, and the late exchange rate receives a cross star with a smaller entity and a longer upper and lower shadow lines. Remember, the longer the lower shadow line at this time, the more representative it is, and the solid part that constitutes the star is partly yin and yang. Feature 3: The most important signal is: the third K-line must receive the long-yang line, and the loss of the two K-lines before the exchange rate is recovered is better, and the field sends a signal that it is about to turn. Feature 4, the opening price of the third big Yangxian line is best to be above the cross star, and there is a gap gap. Since the Star of Dawn is a signal of trend reversal, it has a continuous influence, especially when it appears at the low or bottom, not only the midfield line intervention, but also the exchange rate does not fall below the lowest price of the cross star. You can continue to hold positions and hold positions for a long time. If there is a Dawn Star on the K-line, there will be a big market of more than 1000 points. The Star of Dawn, a classic star map analysis of foreign exchange trading, is introduced here. As an investor understands the basic analysis, he also needs to understand the technical analysis. Only when the two are combined can you increase your chances of winning. At (http://p>