What are the conditions for foreign exchange?

What are the conditions for speculation in foreign exchange? 1 One computer, one to eight monitors. Generally speaking, a computer is enough, but if there are more monitors, it would be more convenient to look at the chart. If you have the conditions, it is recommended to buy multiple monitors and build a workstation! If there is no condition, it will not have a big impact. Some people like to move the office, use a laptop or a netbook, that is also feasible! 2 Stable Internet speed. The foreign exchange field changes very quickly, so the speed of executing orders is very important. If the network speed is not very stable, when the order needs to be executed, the network can not be executed, which will bring unnecessary losses. 3 A bank card. There are hundreds of deposits. If you only want to simulate trading, you don't need to deposit. However, if you have ample money, it is recommended to invest hundreds of small funds to simulate, which will be more real. 4 The right trading platform and charting software. There are a lot of online trading platforms on the forex. Opening an account is also very simple, you don't need to go out, you can do it online. Most of the trading software of the charting software is provided, usually integrated with the trading software of the platform vendor. The software currently used by many foreign exchange dealers is the third-party Meta. Trader 4, and many brokers have also developed trading software. 5 To stimulate foreign exchange related knowledge, “knowledge is power”, it is necessary to learn relevant foreign exchange knowledge before investing. But there are too many indicators to learn, is it necessary to learn? In fact, it is not necessary. Every indicator has advantages and disadvantages. The index can only be used as a reference. Many people hope to complete all the indicators and then speculate on foreign exchange. That is really unnecessary, because there are too many considerations when judging. Instead of side effects, the indicators are not as good as possible. Skilled operation of several key indicators can be successful. Successful traders often find suitable indicators and trading methods through long-term continuous learning practices. Forex is easier to get started than stocks, but it takes a while to become a master. It’s a good practice to simulate account transactions or invest in a small account. There are more than one hundred books on foreign exchange transactions on Amazon, and there are many book reviews, which can be used as reference books. They can be used for inquiry in foreign exchange trading operations. It is not recommended to read the number of books and then speculate on foreign exchange, because the book Many of them are theories, some of them are of no use in actual combat, and many of the books have many conclusions that are wrong. Such books are written by people who write books, not written by real professional speculators, and do The same is true for training. Many people who do training are training. They are not professional foreign exchange. They are good at teaching. The role is to get you started. Even if you are a professional speculator, if there is no evidence to prove his previous successful transaction. Recording is also not credible. In short, you should not be too convinced of experts. For foreign exchange trading books, only one or two of the most classic books are recommended. The key to the success of foreign exchange trading is not how many foreign exchange books have been read, how much foreign exchange training has been heard, but in practice, which is the fastest way to learn, can open a virtual account practice, or use a small amount of money to open a real account to practice. However, compared to operating a real account, the experience of the simulated account is very different, and the results will be very different. On the other hand, the simulated account does not necessarily reflect the quality of the trading platform. 6 The correct investment mentality, although knowledge is important, but the investment center is more important than knowledge. You will realize this when you have certain investment experience. 7 input. For the masters who really master the foreign exchange decision-making (this kind of master is more foreign, after all, there are many more people in the world to speculate), foreign exchange is their "printing machine", so that is not at all Fortunately, and they don’t spend much time every day, so their lifestyle is very free, saying that they are “printing machines”. It’s not that they can win every battle. It’s impossible. Usually they often lose money. However, through their trading techniques and risk management, profitable money can always exceed the loss of money.