Haizhou District officially launched a small-scale secured l

On November 7th, Haizhou District held a briefing on entrepreneurial small-sum guarantee loans, and invited the Entrepreneurship Service Guidance Center, Costa Financial Guarantee Co., Ltd., and bank related persons to accept the scene of entrepreneurs. On the same day, more than 50 private enterprise leaders and self-employed persons attended the briefing, and more than 30 of them received the application form for entrepreneurial small-sum guarantee loans. As the atmosphere of my own entrepreneurship has become more and more intense, and more and more people want to realize their entrepreneurial dreams, I officially launched a small-scale guarantee loan for entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial micro-guaranteed loans include urban registered unemployed persons who have entrepreneurial aspirations and hold the Employment Unemployment Registration Certificate, employment-impaired persons, registered unemployed college graduates, land requisitioned, demobilized, retired military personnel, and university student officers. And so on, as well as the above-mentioned personnel and high-level talents who have come to start a business, and small and micro enterprises run by the team. Individuals and small and micro enterprises applying for loans must have obtained a business license, and the borrower must be the same person as the legal representative or person in charge of the business license. At the same time, the business address of an entrepreneurial small-sum secured loan must be within the zone. It is understood that individuals applying for entrepreneurial small-sum secured loans can apply for up to 200,000 yuan; recruiting groups of unemployed people to work, and signing labor contracts, handling recruitment procedures, and paying social insurance for small and micro enterprises, the total loan amount is generally less than 2 million. In order to absorb small and micro enterprises with large employment and credit guarantee, the maximum loan is 3 million. The briefing session on the day was crowded with policy individuals and private business operators, and everyone was very concerned about entrepreneurial micro-credit loans. The person in charge of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau's Entrepreneurship Service Guidance Center said that the application for entrepreneurship micro-guarantee loans can enjoy the interest subsidy policy. At the same time, whether individuals or small and micro enterprises apply for loans, in principle, third parties are required to provide credit counter-guarantee. If the three parties are credited against the guarantee, they may also provide the physical object for the purpose of the quality guarantee.