In the early stage of the venture, I have a loan problem.

At present, more and more people choose to start their own businesses, but in the early stage of the business, everyone will be plagued by the problem of “lack of funds”. In this case, more people choose loans, and now Xiaobian recommends several people who plan to start a business. Kind of loan method. Real Estate Mortgage If you need more money and a longer capital turnover period, real estate mortgages are your best choice. It is reported that the borrower can use the property under his or her own name as a mortgage to apply for a loan. The maximum amount can reach 70% of the property evaluation value, and the maximum period can be up to ten years. However, when using the property under the name of another person as the collateral, the owner of the property must obtain the consent of the owner and the other party must issue a consent pledge, otherwise the mortgage will be invalid. Car Mortgage If you have no property in your name but have a car, you can also consider using a car as a mortgage to apply for a car mortgage. It is reported that the maximum amount of auto mortgage loans can reach 80% of the vehicle evaluation value, and the longest period can reach five years. However, the loan is currently not accepted by the bank because the vehicle depreciation is fast and the loss is large. Therefore, it is best for borrowers who want to apply for a mortgage loan to find a local formal loan company. Unsecured Loans If you haven't resigned, you might as well get an unsecured loan now. It is reported that borrowers applying for unsecured loans must have a stable job and if you resign, it is not easy to get an unsecured loan, so it is best to apply if you have a job. In addition, the application for unsecured loans must also have a good credit history. If the company has been overdue for more than three times in the past two years or has been overdue for more than six times, it will not be able to obtain loans. Therefore, everyone must maintain their credit records in daily life.